Nastiest Dem Congressional Candidate Ever Berates War Hero Opponent


Randy Perkins, a Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 18th district, berated his Republican opponent, Brian Mast, on Monday for claiming that his military service qualifies him to serve in Congress. He also told him he wasn’t man enough to stand behind his ad.

Brian Mast is a double amputee who lost both his legs in Afghanistan.

“So tell me why the sacrifices and the services that you have provided for this country make you capable of solving issues?” Perkins asked Mast, a double-amputee veteran of the war in Afghanistan, at a recent candidate forum.

Perkins then listed off numerous issues and asked Mast how he would fix them.

“Well, it’s what’s involved in that service that makes me very capable of solving any number of those issues,” Mast responded.

Before Mast could explain how he would address various issues, Perkins interjected and told him to pick two specifically.

Mast named the ongoing problems with the Department of Veteran Affairs and recent changes to the rules of engagement for combat as issues for which he could offer solutions if elected to Congress. Perkins again interrupted Mast before he could offer his solutions.

Perkins became incensed that Mast offered up issues relating to the military and continued to talk over the Republican.

It got worse after that. Listen to the clip.

Perkins, a corporate welfare guru, is one nasty guy.

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In another clip, he said – to this man who lost both legs in war, – “You’re not even man enough to stand behind your own ads. So be a man, and stand behind your own ads.”

This is the ad that Perkins has a problem with and his lawyers have managed to get it pulled from several stations.

The Perkins legal team scored a victory last week when it persuaded stations to yank a National Republican Congressional Committee attack ad because of “false, misleading and deceptive” claims about Perkins’ disaster-relief business, the Palm Beach Post reported.

But Mast’s new ad doesn’t say a word about Perkins.



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