Nasty Alt-Left Groups Show Up at FCC Commissioner’s Home to Intimidate and Harass


Leftists love their government-controlled utilities which is why they are fighting to keep net neutrality. They showed up outside FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s home on Mother’s Day and continue to badger his family and the neighbors.

The organizers are tied to, which sports several members of the antifascist (antifa) campaign. They called the protest a family friendly event and “perfect” to celebrate Mother’s Day.

“We will stand on the sidewalk outside of his house,” the invitation read. “Bring signs, slogans—bring your mom, your kids, your friends and family!”

“This is a perfect Sunday Mother’s Day action to expose #PaiLies and continue the fight for an open, accessible internet,” it said.

Members of the alt-left were behind a previous leaflet campaign at Pai’s doorstep. “Have you seen this man?” the leaflets read, with a photo of Pai.

The organizers are also connected to DisruptJ20 and Code Pink.

These groups have all been involved in violent protests.

The campaign is an attempt to intimidate and embarrass Pai for his plans to reverse the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, which gave the government more regulatory power over internet service providers.

GotNews has more information on the group:

Socialist hypocrite and physician Margaret Flowers refused to accept poor patients before her medical license expired, and has moved on from stalking her ex-husband to gang-stalking Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his neighbors.

Flowers and her boyfriend Kevin Zeese, through the Facebook page of their activist organization Popular Resistance, invited violent communist street terrorists to Pai’s home, where protesters held signs and informed on him to his neighbors, simply because he opposes regulations stifling the information economy.

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