“Nasty and obnoxious” Chris Wallace’s “dumb and unfair interview”


The President called out Chris Wallace, the far-left host of Fox News who once said The Green New Deal is a “heck of a good idea” and slobbered over far-left Pete Buttigieg.

What initiated the President’s tweet was Chris Wallace’s nasty treatment of Steve Scalise on Fox News Sunday.

Wallace treated Scalise like he was a perp and Wallace was the detective as he pounded the Republican congressman with Adam Schill talking points.

Fox News’ far-left host Christ Wallace grilled House Minority Whip Steve Scalise on Sunday over the ongoing impeachment hearings. He wouldn’t let Scalise talk during a good portion of the often one-sided interview.

It looked like Wallace wanted to answer and ask the questions as he proceeded in a lecture format for part of the time.


Wallace asked while in attack mode, “If Gordon Sondland, who met with the president a half-dozen times this summer, testifies on Wednesday, ‘yes, the president said to me we are not releasing the aid until they announce they are going to investigate the Bidens and Burisma,’ doesn’t that blow a hole in the president’s defense?” the Fox host asked.

Scalise explained it never happened.

“Well, the president’s defense is that those things didn’t happen,” he said. “And it’s not just the president’s word. President Zelensky himself said that the aid wasn’t conditioned and there was no pressure.”

“And then because of some of these innuendos that you’re talking about, the foreign minister of Ukraine just a few days ago released another statement saying that there was never a link between aid and investigations,”

Scalise continued. “And once again, there were only two people that participated in that phone call. It was Donald Trump and President Zelensky. Both of them were very happy with the phone call.”

Wallace replied that “a dozen people listened in on the phone call and a number of them were immediately upset because of what the president said.”

Schiff’s witnesses were upset as Scalise mentioned.


“No, sir,” Wallace promptly fired back. “They are career foreign service officers and these are people who worked in the Trump Administration.”

The witnesses were Schiff’s witnesses and career bureaucrats. Schiff won’t allow Republicans to call in their witnesses who will say the opposite of these pencil pushers. Vindman was put into place in 2016 under Obama, so was Yovanovitch, and so on.

These are people who have been in their jobs a long time and who like running things a certain way. Other presidents allowed them to usurp their powers and decide foreign policy – BT, Before Trump.

Wallace tried to say the President didn’t care about Ukraine.


Scalise debunked that. “If that was the case, then President Trump wouldn’t have done all the things that he’s done to help Ukraine stand up to Russia,” he said. “And in fact, on the original Zelensky phone call that was released, President Zelensky was thanking President Trump for things he’s done.”

[Former President Barack Obama disarmed Ukraine but Trump re-armed them.]

Wallace then said Trump withheld needed aid.

Scalise said the aid was withheld for legitimate reasons [the country is corrupt as Hell.]

“[P]art of what Congress appropriated [for Ukraine] had language attached to it that required the administration to make sure that Ukraine’s rooting out corruption because there were elections during that same period,” he said.

In response, Wallace complained that Trump never used the actual word “corruption” during his call with Zelensky.

“But sir, both in the April phone call and in the July phone call, President Trump never mentions the word corruption. What he talks about his investigations. Investigations of the Democrats, possible interference in 2016. Investigations into the Bidens and Burisma,” he ranted mindlessly.

Wanting to initiate probes into credible allegations of corruption means he wanted to address corruption but not to our boy Wallace.

At one point, he put this misleading photo up.

What he left out is that Amb. Gordon Sondland also said he was making assumptions and President Trump said he wanted “no quid pro quo.”

Wallace is dishonest.

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