Nasty Fake News Debunked by the MVP of Washington Nationals


After the Washington Nationals visited the White House on Monday, a number of Twitter figures shared a video trimmed to make it look like the star pitcher Stephen Strasburg wouldn’t shake hands with the President.

Rudy Gersten, a sports blogger whose work has been featured at The Washington Post, and David Blaustein, a former ABC News Radio entertainment correspondent and current ABC News Now contributor, retweeted the fake clip which is also being shared by the Resistance and other Democrats.

The MVP straightened it out.

Gersten was upset because he didn’t edit anything, but why leave the tweet up?

Strasburg hasn’t tweeted in over a year but he tweeted this, calling out Gersten (DCBarno) for the #FakeNews.


First baseman Ryan Zimmerman had kind words to say to the President and praised America.

“Thank you for keeping everyone here safe in our country and continuing to make America the greatest country to live in the world,” Zimmerman said, after thanking the president on behalf of his teammates for the invitation to visit.

Catcher Kurt Suzuki came out wearing a MAGA hat.

The crazy left is looking through his twitter feed, which he just made private, and are trolling the Internet for anything they can use to destroy him.

Here is one leftist Democrat who is a tad extreme.

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