Nasty Ladies of The View Launch Vicious Petty Attacks


The View babes are melting down over the Trump victory. They are very concerned about the crowd at the Inauguration. There rants are full of hate. It’s the same thing day after day.

The babes are refusing to talk about Donald Trump’s amazing actions and outreach to the producers in this country in the last three days. They are ignoring General Mattis’s bombing of ISIS, 99 times in three days. Obama ran 5 to 6 sorties a day and the planes returned with their bombs because of environmental rules and other absurd rules of engagement.

Trump pulled us out of TPP which is something the left wanted.

Instead, they are focusing on the crowd at the Inauguration. They showed a photo of the crowd before the Inauguration and from the worst angle – from the back.

CNN did publish a photo of the Inauguration that was taken hours before and Spicer did have some misinformation. While it is true Trump did not have the numbers Obama did, he had at least 600,000 live and 31 million watched on devices.

They are all ignoring the fact that D.C. and the surrounding areas are mostly Democrat strongholds. All they have to do is hop a train to get to the Inauguration.

The babes lied and put words in Kellyanne Conway’s mouth, taking clips out of context. They attacked Sean Spicer. It was all biased in one direction.

The ladies of The View are petty little shrubs. Potted plants have more to offer.

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Veronika S Normal
Veronika S Normal
7 years ago

“The ladies of The View are petty little shrubs.” Please don’t insult the shrubs.
They are more like dried up “Old” Desert Weeds.