Media Remains Unabashedly Nasty, They Are the Biggest Losers


The AP was the first to announce that Trump won Pennsylvania. It put  Donald Trump over the top with 274 electoral votes. Then came real clear politics. It wasn’t until 2:30am that Hillary Clinton called Donald and said she wouldn’t be president and conceded the election.

Most of the media hadn’t yet announced that he won. CNN gave him the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania to put him over the top but the hosts didn’t seem to know. After the concession, the media all gave Trump Pennsylvania and some gave him Michigan.

Trump won with 305 electoral votes and Hillary ended up with 233 so far according to the NY Times scorecard at 8am EST.


Donald Trump gave a short but outstanding speech about an hour after Hillary conceded. He talked of unity, addressing the inner cities, and creating jobs. He wants to take care of the people who feel they’ve been left behind.

Donald Trump and his team were right about his secret voters, the expanded map, and the mood of the country. He also proved that crowds matter. His choices in Kellyanne Conway as a spokesperson, Michael Pence as his vice president, Stephen Bannon as an advisor, among many others, were excellent and that bodes well for the people he will choose to help run this government.

Wikileaks has turned out emails on a daily basis. They proved the media is corrupt and serves as an arm of the Democratic Party. Even a commentator on Fox, Julie Roginsky, was mentioned twice in emails as she asked in the emails how she could be more helpful to Podesta. The media can never be trusted again. They lied about Trump, they fed questions to Clinton for interviews and debates, and they involved themselves in the battle for the White House in a completely biased fashion.

I hope Donald Trump’s first executive order is to pardon Julian Assange!!!

The media called the race all wrong and they misjudged the will of the people. All the media who predicted an early night with a Clinton win were wrong. They failed us on every level.

John Podesta came out on stage to say goodnight to Clinton’s supporters instead of Hillary and he was absolutely graceless, telling them it’s not over and they are still counting votes. Hillary didn’t even come to address these people who worked so hard and waited for hours for her.

Hillary might deserve a pass, however, she does have health issues including seizures, and might not have been well enough. This had to come as a shock and a grave disappointment.

The left is angry.  To give you an example, check out a few of Krugman’s comments. He speaks for his fellow leftists.

NY Times’ Socialist Paul Krugman thinks it’s hate that drove Trump. The hate came from the left. All the divisiveness from the angry president for the last eight years is what he seems unable to see. Their lies about Donald Trump being a racist because he wants borders and limited immigration from terror nations were irrational.

This guy needs some serious therapy.

On this next one, I can only say I hope so. This is a repudiation of the failures of the last eight years.

Van Jones, the Communist, is beside himself and is calling it “White-Lash” – always accusing whites of racism when the reverse is true in this case, though his pain is understandable. It’s the same pain half the nation felt as President Obama discarded our side and our representatives in Congress, maligned us, and bashed the United States throughout the world.

“We don’t want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others,” Jones said on-air. “This is a deeply painful moment tonight.”

Juan Williams is near tears.

Chris Matthews was actually reasonable at the end and also didn’t like the way the crowds were treated at the end by the graceless John Podesta.


  1. We as a people must find a way to reform the media. However, it has to be legal, constitutional and humane. I propose that we begin to talk about the responsibility of journalism. We need a sacrosanct commitment to impartiality and the pursuit of truth on the part of our “4th Estate.” I have in mind some sort of vow of political celibacy that lets people know who is trustworthy and who has an agenda. I think it is time for the big, prestigious schools of journalism to begin divesting themselves of ideological baggage that has horribly perverted their mindsets and tainted more than a generation of young journalists. Integrity in the press must be recovered.

  2. I have been so concerned about the results of this election that I have not slept since Sunday. The knot that I didn’t realize I had for days has suddenly disappeared.

    We’ve been waiting a long time for this victory.

    As for Krugman, Podesta, Van Jones, Maddow, etc., they are not taking this well. They overestimated their influence and underestimated our intelligence.

  3. I will be so greatful if Trump wins. I hope he shows voters just how much he really will do for them. And i believe his heart and his tenacity and encouragement will absolutely change hc voters minds into trump believers.

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