Nasty Teen Cheered for Quitting Over the Intercom in a Vulgar Rant


A vulgar, vindictive teen named Jackson Racicot quit Walmart over the intercom. During an angry rant for all the shoppers to hear, Racicot’s assault on the store and the management said more about him than it did them.

At one point, he said his manager told him he was a ‘waste of time’ and we believe her. He sounds very entitled.

The twerp burned his bridges and made a fool of himself, but you can hear people in the background cheering him during his profanity-laced tirade.

The sad thing is people on Twitter are calling him a “hero,” praising him for quitting his job the “right way,” and some say, “this kid 2020”. His incivility and unprofessional behavior make him a champion in the eyes of some — how America is changing.

There is no reason he had to work in Walmart for a year-and-a-half. If it’s such a horrible place to work, just quit. The boy couldn’t have very many skills, and it’s a mystery as to why he thinks he is entitled.

Quitting by making vile accusations over an intercom and insulting the manager by name when she can’t defend herself is an act of cowardice.


Instead of calling this entitled boy a hero, let’s talk about real heroes like Anthony Borges.

How about young Anthony Perez who died trying to save his friend.

Let’s remember Kiera Larsen who died saving the lives of two toddlers.

Let’s honor 8-year old Martin Cobb who died saving his sister from a rapist. These children are my heroes.

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