National Blackout Mess in Venezuela, Top Official Blames “Marcos Rubio”


Bernie Sanders and his supporters claim they are looking at a socialist economy like Germany’s, but what they are calling for is Venezuela’s economy. This could be our fate if this hard-left movement isn’t stopped.

Currently, Venezuela is in chaos as the country enters the second day of a massive blackout. The person they are blaming is “Marcos Rubio.” He probably singled out Rubio because he’s an outspoken critic of the regime.

Nicolas Maduro and Baghdad Bob Jorge Rodriguez


The Baghdad Bob of Caracas blamed “Marcos Rubio”. Senator Rubio responded sarcastically, saying he caused it with an Apple app.

“Tonight the “Baghdad Bob” of #Caracas @jorgerpsuv revealed I caused the nationwide & ongoing electric power outage in #Venezuela.

My apologies to people of Venezuela. I must have pressed the wrong thing on the “electronic attack” app I downloaded from Apple. My bad.”

Maduro is blaming “American Imperialism” for having caused and directed it.

That drew an immediate response from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who blamed it on incompetence.


Venezuela is suffering from a nationwide blackout in Caracas and much of Venezuela. The Socialists are not only thieves, but they are also incompetent. Funds were not used to improve or keep up the power grid.

The regime is blaming anti-government saboteurs. A few weeks ago, they blamed iguanas for causing a large electric grid blackout.

Babies in incubators, dialysis patients, and others are suffering from life-threatening conditions. The baby in this video is being respirated by hand.

The blackout is in its second day.


Bernie was in Iowa, kicking off his campaign with an audience filled with 80% youth under 30 years of age. Unfortunately, his communist ideas have gone mainstream in the badly misnamed Democrat Party. He’s also convinced the youth he’s not a communist and only socialist light.

In Council Bluffs, he told the roaringly supportive audience that we must get off fossil fuels as soon as possible. But the unreliable solar and wind can’t handle our needs and they don’t want nuclear or hydroelectric. Somehow, millions of jobs will magically appear when this takes place.

These young adorées of Bernie’s don’t understand there is no free lunch. Bernie somehow hasn’t learned that, but, then again, he has been a leech on the system for decades. He didn’t work until age 40 when he got into government. As a government official, he recently couldn’t name one achievement.


  1. Per American Thinker–‘Democrats Need Stupid Voters,’ “Our education system has been completely overrun with dogmatic liberals, from kindergarten through college. The youth of today are being thoroughly indoctrinated into liberal groupthink and encouraged to become obnoxious activists on issues like climate change, demanding drastic action without debate or discussion.”

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