National Defense Strategy Omits Global Warming as a Defense Threat


For the first time in ten years, we have a National Defense Strategy and there is a glaring omission — no “global warming” otherwise known as the ever-amorphous “climate change”.

The 11-page summary, prepared by Secretary Mattis, is completely his own work and can be found here.

When environment is mentioned, it’s in terms of the global security environment and the international order. The focus is no longer on ISIS since it has been beaten back and its territory retaken thanks to the change in the rules of engagement.

More innocents died unnecessarily under Obama’s rules than the current rules. The President also abolished the environmental rules that made it impossible for the military to do their job.

The new focus is on the geopolitical threats presented by Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. He made it clear that we have fallen behind and are losing our competitive edge.

There is nothing about energy in the document except to say a “stable Middle East” contributes to “stable global energy markets.”

The global warming mantra was added to the defense strategy in 2008 but Obama put it on speed.

The Trump administration released its “America First” security strategy in December, which called for “[u]nleashing these abundant energy resources— coal, natural gas, petroleum, renewables, and nuclear” to boost the economy and aid U.S. allies.

Manmade global warming is back in persepective. It won’t be ignored but the energy department is in charge of energy. Barack Obama made every government agency focus on climate change.

All forms of energy, including fossil fuels, will be considered within reason. Read more at Watt’s Up With That.

This legacy item is gone, at least for now. The loons are back under control.

Remember when Al Gore compared climate change to abolition and women’s suffrage? The former idiot in the White House ordered climate change war games. The climate pact was more about the redistribution of wealth and global governance and overcoming Capitalism than it was about the climate.

Obama actually told the world that attending the Climate Conference was showing ISIS ‘I’m ‘Not Afraid’ after Charlie Hebdo. Of course Obama traveled with a large retinue of security.

“I think it’s absolutely vital for every country, every leader, to send a signal that the viciousness of a handful of killers does not stop the world from doing vital business,” Obama said following an Asia-Pacific summit in Malaysia.

This is what he thought would defeat ISIS.

Cartoon via Net Right Daily

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