National Park Service to Keep 40 Parks OPEN! Far-Left Dems Revolt!


The National Park Service will use funds from entry and parking fees to help clean and maintain national parks during the partial government shutdown. That has led to an immediate call for an investigation by a Democrat-led House committee.

The Democrats want everyone to suffer. The fact that Democrats would be angry about this should tell people something!

NPS claims the blow has been eased with the assistance from the state, private sector, and volunteer partners, as well as two million dollars’ worth of donations. It will help them keep open some services for visitors in 40 of the most popular parks.


The top National Park Service official said Sunday that the “generosity” of these partners and limited staff are reaching their limit 16 days into the shutdown. The “option” they have chosen to address the issue is to redirect money derived from the entrance, camping, parking, and other fees that would otherwise likely be used for future projects.

“We are taking this extraordinary step to ensure that parks are protected and that visitors can continue to access parks with limited basic services,” said acting director P. Daniel Smith. He also said the use of these funds would help protect visitors.

Very far-far-left Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., the new Democratic chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, is angry, wants answers, and questions the legality.

He wants people to suffer and demand the government shutdown end.


Grijalva should not be serving in our Congress, but unfortunately, we are stuck with this leftist.

As a college student at the University of Arizona, Grijalva was a member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA). That is the radical racist group which seeks the “return” of much of the United States to Latinos based upon race, claiming an Aztlan sovereignty. It’s also known as La Reconquista.

He served as a leader in the Chicano Liberation Committee and other local racist Chicano groups including the “United Race Party,” (Raza Unida Party).

In his history of the radical Raza Unida Party, key wiki reports, Mexican-American scholar Armando Navarro wrote that Grijalva became a party leader in Arizona. As Grijalva explained to Navarro, he and his fellow activists weren’t discouraged that the party’s limited base gave it a slight chance of winning political power. “We decided to go into elective politics more in the sense of an educational tool rather than an opportunity for winning,’’ he said.

He fell out of favor with some of Tuscon’s Mexican community due to his extreme militancy. How ironic since they are extreme themselves.

He has written articles for the Communist Party USA paper, Peoples’ World.

He is a member of the Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses, the LBGT Equality Caucus, the Congressional National Landscape Conservation System and the Asian-Pacific American Caucus.

Those are all vehicles for his communism.

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4 years ago

The Dems are going to fold before Trump does. Here’s why. Regular people are going to start to notice that there’s not all that much difference between the shutdown and the way that things were before. That will lead the citizenry to question just how much government is really needed and that’s a question that the Democrats can’t afford them to look at.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rocketman

“That will lead the citizenry to question just how much government is really needed and that’s a question that the Democrats can’t afford them to look at.” Exactly. Can’t have people thinking independently of BIG government for solutions.

4 years ago

Maybe he should check his own history. Does he believe “Latinos” were indigenous to Central America. Does he speak an “actual” Central American native language. It’s like a thief going to the police charging someone stole his loot. It falls on deaf ears.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Jesus Christ, we have outright Communist in the New Democrat Party, who want to divide up country, God help us!!!!