National Prayer Breakfast Recap: Dr. Carson Explains His Statements – Videos



Obama adorees are upset that neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke out at the Prayer Breakfast, expressing views on non-religious issues that differed from the president’s. They think it was disrespectful and the time and place were wrong.

The left must see Dr. Carson as a threat or they wouldn’t be out criticizing him with such fervor.

Dr. Carson addressed the reasons for his speech on Neil Cavuto’s show today and he is a man of courage for doing so in the face of so much opposition:

Meanwhile, President Obama’s speech included a whiney complaint about those in the media who are not throwing rose pedals ahead of him as he walks. Perhaps it is the president who was disrespectful. Maybe he shouldn’t be complaining about petty matters when the economy is going to damnation. Was this the time and place to complain about the media?

video via the gateway pundit

President Obama needn’t worry. Many will remember Dr. Carson’s speech.

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