National Review Writer ‘Coyly’ Makes El Paso Killer a Conservative



National Review writer and Trump hater, David French decided the evil El Paso killer’s actions are about Conservatives. He was subtle but the message was there and it’s an anti-First Amendment message.

He would love to silence all Trump supporters, all conservatives, and all who disagree.

David French seems to think the memes lead to manifestos. If that manifesto is the El Paso killer’s ramblings, it is all over the place politically.

French doesn’t seem to see the memes or the hate of the left. As for Charlottesville, the death of Heather Heyer was caused by one paranoid schizophrenic neo-Nazi. There were hateful and innocent people on both sides in Charlottesville. Some were marching because they thought it was only going to be about the statues being taken down. There were hate groups on the left as well. The President is continually misquoted. He called out the haters.

As Kurt Schlichter writes, French was “coyly” Making this about all people on the right, Conservatives in particular.


Making this about politics is a microscopic approach. It’s not the gun, it’s the evil behind the gun, it’s not the religion or the politics, it’s the evil or mentally disturbed person behind it and it is far more complex than just one issue.

If this is indeed the El Paso killer’s manifesto, it’s all over the place politically and he is irrational.

In the manifesto he calls ‘The Inconvenient Truth,’ he says killing some non-immigrant Americans would have a greater impact than killing Hispanic invaders, but he says he can’t bring himself to kill his fellow Americans.

He is opposed to corporations and imperialistic wars and is all-in on climate change, but he is anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant. He’s a hater who was doing nothing in his life and blaming others for his lack of enthusiasm for anything. The killer relates to the New Zealand killer who tried to start a race war and concludes that they will blame Trump’s rhetoric but his ideology, he says, was always his ideology.

This sounds like a suicidal man without a friend in the world who wanted to make his death “meaningful” in accordance with his irrational and hateful ideology.

This man killed children as young as two and adults as old as 80. This is an evil bully. He’s evil. He actually said it’s “not cowardly to pick low-hanging fruit.”

He’s not a conservative, David French, and from his social media postings, scant as they are, he doesn’t do memes or troll people. He’s evil.

Ironically, it is the left that made illegal immigration about race.

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