National Security Adviser Bolton’s Yellow Pad: “5,000 Troops to Columbia”


President Trump has made no secret of his desire to see Nicolas Maduro deposed, and has made it clear all options are on the table. Most Latin American nations and Israel have sided with the United States in recognizing his opponent Juan Guaido as the true President. European nations have told Maduro to hold a new election within eight days since the last one was corrupt. If he doesn’t, they too will recognize Guaido. Maduro has refused.

Today, John Bolton was seen holding a yellow pad that contained the notation, “5,000 troops to Columbia.”

Whether he meant for journalists to see it or not is unclear, but Maduro now knows. There is little doubt the U.S. will do whatever has to be done.

There was another note, “Afghanistan — welcome to talks.”

National Security Adviser John Bolton isn’t the type to make a mistake like that.

We have diplomats on the ground and the U.S. would respond immediately if the madman and former bus driver Maduro tries to harm them.

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