National Security Expert Confirms the Obama Administration Wiretapped Trump Tower


National security expert Jim Hanson confirmed Saturday morning that the Obama administration did surveil Trump Tower.

“The bottom line is they did wiretap Trump Tower. They tapped a server they thought was communicating somehow with Russia.”

“This is a legitimate charge [by Trump] and we need a serious investigation.”

Jim Hanson, the executive vice president of the think tank The Center for Security Policy made his comments on Fox News.

Hanson, who served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and conducted counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations, said the surveillance was approved over suspicions of connections with a Russian bank.

“They asked for that warrant and were denied, went back again [and] got the warrant, found out nothing was happening and went ahead and continued monitoring it,” the national security expert said.

As for Trump proving his claim, Hanson countered, “They did get a FISA warrant, so he doesn’t have to prove that they wiretapped him. They did wiretap him.”

The President has been commenting in tweets.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s semantics-manipulator designée, parsed words to say Obama didn’t order the wiretapping. He tweeted in response: “No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.”

Rhodes is the Obama National Security Adviser who famously told the NY Times he lied to the American people to get their approval for the Iran nuke deal.

Since the statements were made, we have discovered that ‘surveillance’ is the appropriate word, not ‘wiretapping’ since phones and emails were allegedly not tapped. That is according to a bombshell report by John Solomon and Sara Carter.

After posting our many articles using the New York Times as a reference, they have seen fit to update months-old articles detailing what they said was wiretapping. Their new headlines use the word “surveillance”.

Lt. Col. Schaeffer recently said there was clearly no probable cause and explains why in the next clip.

His belief is that the former president used highly technical and highly classified capabilities which have resulted in multiple violations of the US18 code.

Someone had to lie to get the warrant, he conjectures.

One thing is certain: the President had to have knowledge of it at least by October when it first became known, and he is, in the end, responsible.

The leaks to the media were likely by the very officials who were involved in the wiretapping or surveillance or whatever they are calling it these days.

What is most unconscionable is what is getting lost here. The former president of the United States is trying to take down the current President.

Read about the coup that is meant to topple the current president of the United States.

  • This wiretapping thing is starting to smell real bad, what the heck is going on??………. NYT reports that FBI director James Comey asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject President Trump’s allegation that Obama eavesdropped on the soon-to-be president,…………… Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denied there had been a FISA court order allowing FBI surveillance of Trump Tower during last year’s presidential campaign. if I am following this stuff correct, there was a fisa court order to allow it, Hey Comey, if the FBI didn’t ask the court to allow the order, just come out and say it, some agency did it, that we know!!!!!!

    • I don’t know what to make of it. Comey needs to leave. I’ve had enough of him. We need fresh blood in there.

  • If it wasn’t the FBI, bet the ranch it came from the NSA… a department LOUSY with Obama operatives along with the IRS, DOJ, EPA … you name the federal alphabet soup and you can rest assured, Obama has them loaded with his Left Wing operatives.

    Sara, if you think Comey must go, he better take every treasonous bastard in each of the above agencies with him.

    To be clear, the SWAMP will never be drained as long as Progressive/Left wing/NeoLiberal sycophants are allowed to remain.

    We better all hit how knees and commence to praying with all our might President Trump is able to purge the many traitors from the federal government … it is our ONLY chance of having this thing end peacefully.

    • The rivalry between the NSA and CIA has reached civil war levels with Zero giving vast billions to Langley to encroach on the NSA’s job of signals intercepts. SIGINT is the NSA specialty, that’s all it does – it has backdoors, for example, in the core routers of the internet backbone like those of Cisco and Juniper.

      Langley is supposed to handle HUMINT and all other intel activities, leaving the NSA alone to its job. But it didn’t, metastasizing into a competitor threatening to destroy the NSA by stupidly giving thousands of CIA contractors the keys to the entire intel hacking kingdom.

      The result is the NSA deciding to take its competitor out with a Pearl Harbor attack on Langley. It will take Langley years to recover from this Vault 7 catastrophe, while the NSA is now free to resume its SIGINT monopoly.

  • Obama’s earnest desire to destroy the US was evident in all his decisions. He was a Socialist/Communist in his ideology. Obama was craft and sly. America has no secrets anymore. Obama and his evil Administration made sure of that.

  • I’d be surprised if this even comes out so the general public would know. Obama is almost untouchable with his ardent supporters. He totally screwed up for eight years and now is very popular according to the poles. Trump is hard to like but he is doing a dirty job and doing it well.

    • Obama isn’t as “bullet proof” as he was in office. His audacity remaining in DC and in the public eye was challenged head on by President Trump’s tweet regarding “wiretaps.” Obama took that shot to the throat and has been silent ever since. The Russia meme has been obliterated and the intelligence community Obama loyalists have been stunned. Now, AG Sessions is publicly commenting that an independent counsel may be assigned to investigate Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi and other crimes against humanity that occurred on Obama’s watch. There goes that book signing bonus. Dipstick [redacted].

  • The key is to identify who eavesdropped on General Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador and leaked it? If it took place in the Trump Tower it will start the chain that leads all the way up to Obama!

  • The thin g that bothers me most is the NY Times has gone back and changed a headline!!! How can we trust anything we read in the times when doing research? The way to make the change is to publish a retraction, not change the paper.

  • “No President can order a wiretap.” What a selectively naive statement! If a President is corrupt, do we really believe that he or she cares about some law that is almost impossible to enforce?

  • I bet this whole thing is a result of the Russians hacking Clinton’s unsecured server (Bret Bair’s FBI sources said it was hacked – ) which included emails from Obama suspiciously using an alias (remember he lied that he learned of her server in the news – ) and Putin then blackmailed Obama and Clinton. Then Obama did all he could to cover it up. Which would explain the favors to Russia’s allies Syria and Iran, Putin’s fearless invasion of Ukraine, and the sale of 20% of the US’s uranium to Russia. The Russian ambassador visited Obama’s White House 22 times, and the Democrats are all over any of Trump’s associates communications with Russia. I’d bet the Russian ambassador was telling Obama what to do or else:

    Clinton is the one who claimed Russia “hacked the election” (why Russia?), when Wikileaks told us they didn’t get Podesta’s or the DNC’s emails from a foreign government source. Then they produced the fake dossier on Trump claiming he’d be a Russian puppet, and claimed Putin and Trump were colluding, and Putin released the info to get Trump elected. If Putin had dirty laundry on Clinton, he’d use it to blackmail a president Clinton rather than help Trump get elected (apparently the Democrats think we’re stupid).

    Thankfully those emails are likely of no use to Putin any more.