NATO Ally Turkey Blames US for ISIS Nightclub Attack


When our NATO ally Turkey underwent a failed coup attempt in July, they blamed the United States and after the nightclub attack New Year’s Eve, Erdogan’s ruling party and newspapers favoring him are blaming Barack Obama, the CIA and the U.S. in general. Social media is running with the U.S. did it.

Why aren’t they blaming it on the Russians like we do?

Turkey newspaper blaming the U.S. for the nightclub attack New Year's Eve.
Turkey newspaper blaming the U.S. for the nightclub attack New Year’s Eve.

A deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) blamed the Obama administration for the massacre while several pro-government journalists also accused the US on social media.

Deputy Şamil Tayyar wrote on his Twitter account that there will be no peace for Turkey until Obama leaves office and urged a close watch of all US missions in Turkey as well as their “collaborators.”

Several journalists wrote the U.S. was responsible.

We now know ISIS was behind it but he’s still blaming the CIA. “Whoever the shooter, Reina’s raid is a CIA action,” reporter Samil Tayyar tweeted.

A reporter for Islamist paper Diriliş Postası, Sabri İşbilen, wrote that the order for the Reina nightclub attack surely came from the US. He argued that the US would not inform Turkey about such an attack as its goal is to drag Turkey into a civil war.

Turkish Minute has more.

This is the actual Muslim attacker who made a strange selfie he took in Taksim square. It was released by Turkish media.

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