NATO General’s Warning Is More Proof Obama’s Lying to Us About ISIS and Russia


General Breedlove

NATO commander General Philip Breedlove says refugees are “masking the movement” of terrorists and ISIS is “spreading like cancer” among the refugees. Also alarming are his comments about the Kremlin. Russia is deliberately exacerbating the situation in Syria to weaken the European Union, the commander said.

Nato’s top commander made his comments before the Senate armed services committee on Tuesday.

Breedlove said Russia’s bombing has “wildly exacerbated the problem”.

That’s another thing Obama allowed to happen without even so much as a whimper.

The airstrikes, nominally against ISIS but largely against the various rebel groups arrayed against Assad, have allegedly killed more than 1,000 civilians, including children. Breedlove said these indiscriminate attacks mean to terrorize Syrians and “get them on the road” toward neighboring countries and Europe, the Guardian reported.

Breedlove said Russia and Assad deliberately weaponized migration to weaken the EU and their infrastructure. Nationalist groups are also weakening the EU. He warned that Russia represents a long-term “existential” threat to the US.

Breedlove distinguished between “criminality, terrorist and foreign fighters”, and said that he has seen news reports saying as many as 1,500 fighters have returned to Europe.

“I’m not going to talk to you about intelligence,” he said at a news conference, adding that “many [countries] are saying they see planning happening” for a terrorist attack.

Human rights groups say that only a small number of refugees have launched terror attacks. One might say that’s been pure luck.

Migrants on line

The EU faces a monumental task to bring immigration under control with more than 20,000 migrants trapped in Greece alone.

The boss of the EU’s border agency Frontex revealed on Tuesday that immigration is running at an astonishing thirty times higher than during the same period last year, whilst Finland has said it is braced for a sixfold increase in asylum applications.

This is what our president wants for the United States.

Remember when Obama said this?

Source: the guardian


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