NATO Plot: Block Trump, Fuel Ukraine War & There’s a Kicker


Top diplomats from NATO’s member states gather today to celebrate the alliance’s 75th birthday. They plan to discuss the threat of Moscow and what they see as the threat of the potential next occupant of the White House.

It’s all about Ukraine, which is why Finland and Sweden joined. According to far-left Axios, there could be an existential crisis.

At this week’s gathering in globalist Brussels, NATO foreign ministers are expected to discuss a plan to Trump-proof Ukraine aid.


What they want to do is put a US-led organization in charge of weapons shipments to Ukraine under NATO control.

NATO members want to hand over some US responsibilities to European militaries. They don’t want to mention the elephant in the room – Donald Trump – because that would suggest Biden is losing, and they sure want to keep him going.

They will phrase everything as “Europe needs to do more.”

Checkpoint Charlie

Axios quoted a comment out of context that members claimed worries them. It’s the comment he made about encouraging Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to a NATO ally if the country didn’t spend enough on defense. They’d be stupid to believe he meant it, and they aren’t stupid. They know it was a negotiating tactic. They should read his book, The Art of the Deal. However, they don’t want to pay their fair share. Donald Trump will insist upon it.

Except for Turkey, every NATO member is partially or wholly dependent on the US. They can’t defend themselves, so the least they can do is pay up.

Axios claims NATO members don’t owe dues, which is a play on words, and claims NATO members pay two-thirds of defense spending. I don’t know where they got that figure.

According to their funding page, “NATO is resourced through the direct and indirect contributions of its members. NATO’s common funds are composed of direct contributions to collective budgets and programmes, which equate to only 0.3% of total Allied defence spending (around EUR 3.3 billion for 2023).”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has boasted that a record number of allies will meet the alliance’s target of spending 2% of GDP on defense this year.

They all should!!!


Stoltenberg’s tenure ends in October, before the election. They want to put globalist Mark Rutte in charge. He is the Dutch Prime Minister who is destroying The Netherlands with UN/World Economic Forum mandates. However, he supported Trump’s demand that members pay up and has been flattering him lately.

They seem to think Biden, of dementia fame, is the last Altanticist president. Trump’s not going to pull out of NATO. That’s Democrat propaganda.

The Members Are Paper Tigers

As of March 7, 2024, Canada became a founding member of NATO. They’re worthless under globalist Trudeau.

While Turkey can hold its own, we have to protect the 31 other nations, and now they treat Ukraine as if it were a member of NATO:

Its original members were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Joining the original signatories were Greece and Turkey (1952); West Germany (1955; from 1990 as Germany); Spain (1982); the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland (1999); Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); North Macedonia (2020); Finland (2023); and Sweden (2024).

They periodically talk about adding little Moldova on the border of Russia.

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