NATO Won’t Support Israel If Terror Nation Iran Attacks – “Not Our Job”


The Norweigan head of NATO said if Iran attacks Israel, they will provide no military aid. Perhaps they hope for Israel’s demise? Only two months ago, in March, the Ayatollah said Israel won’t be around in twenty-five years.

NATO is not obliged to come to the aid of partner Israel if Iran attacks, secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg explained, as tensions rise in the Middle East between Israel and her foes.

Mr. Stoltenberg told Der Spiegel magazine Saturday that while Israel is an active partner of the U.S.-led alliance, it is not a full member and NATO’s “security guarantee” therefore doesn’t apply to the Jewish state.


Mr. Stoltenberg said NATO isn’t involved in Mideast peace efforts or in conflicts in the region, therefore it is not obliged to come to the aid of any state there. This is not our job,” he stressed.

“Israel is our partner, but not a member of NATO. The security guarantee of Article 5 does not apply to Israel, he told the magazine.

Israeli relations with Iran are strained over Tehran’s nuclear program, their satellite government in Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement. The Lebanese Hezbollah battled Israel during the country’s successive wars with Lebanon. Israeli officials have repeatedly said that Israel would not allow Iran to turn Syria, which has been engulfed in a civil war since 2011, into its military foothold.

On May 10, the Israeli Air Force hit dozens of Iranian targets in Syria. This was after Iranian forces allegedly fired 20 rockets at the Israeli Defense Forces’ positions in Golan Heights. The area is under Israeli administration.

The Western World should just let the beast continue promoting terror throughout the world. They should keep doing business with Iran so Iran has the money to do it. It all makes perfect sense in the new Western World, barely a reflection of what it once was.

Israel opened a mission at NATO headquarters in Brussels in 2016 as part of efforts to boost cooperation with the alliance to counter extremist violence.

Breitbart News reported, Mr. Stoltenberg said at the time Israel had been an active alliance partner for 20 years. It was “essential”, he said to step up cooperation and go a step further.

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