Navy Secretary Names Ships After Leftists Instead of Military Heroes

Fundamentally transforming navy vessels into leftist symbols.
Fundamentally transforming navy vessels into leftist symbols.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus isn’t necessarily honoring people who have shown heroism when naming navy vessels as has been the practice, he is honoring leftists or people who make a statement in support of the leftist agenda. Thus a gay man murdered with a gun and a Democrat whose name has become synonymous with the anti-gun movement will now have ships named after them.

Mabus is going to name a ship after anti-gun activist Gabby Giffords and the murdered politician Harvey Milk.

Abolitionist Sojourner Truth, whose name has spawned numerous very far-left groups, will have her name on a replenishment oiler.

“I have named ships after presidents. I have named ships after members of Congress who have been forceful advocates for the Navy and Marine Corps,” Mabus said in a recent interview. “But I think you have to represent all the values that we hold as Americans, that we hold as a country. And so that’s why I’ve named ships the Medgar Evers, Cesar Chavez, John Lewis, the Harvey Milk

Cesar Chavez, Civil Rights icon John Lewis, all of them actually are far-left stalwarts.

Republican U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, of California, objects to Mabus naming ships after Milk, farm labor leader Chavez and others. He wants ships to be named after service members honored for valor to inspire their crews.

If we can’t even honor our military in military forums, when can we honor them?

Even Peyton Manning gets a ship named after him. That’s a good way to make the naming of ships into a ridiculous exercise.

Mabus gets to pick the sponsors who christen vessels so he’s picking a transgender Navy veteran and Sen. Dianne Feinstein as two examples.

At least Mabus plans to announce that two destroyers will be named after Medal of Honor winners Jack H. Lucas and Louis H. Wilson Jr.

Naming in this way not only breaks with an important tradition, diminishing the value of the naming exercise, but it only values the leftist agenda and proclaims that the leftist values are the USA values.

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