NBC Celebrates New Year’s Eve in a Whole New Vulgar Way


NBC hit a new low on New Year’s Eve, competing with CNN for most low-class ‘news’ station. Model Chrissy Teigen started to tell host Carson Daly about vaginal steaming. She blabbered something about ‘steaming her vag’ though she ‘doesn’t like to do it,’ blah, blah, and when Daly asked her what it is, she started to say, ‘you stream your…’, Daly said never mind.

Daly added that she should be in jail.

This conversation took place about 15 minutes before the ball dropped which the network reportedly didn’t even bother to show.

In the next clip, she gets knocked around by an umbrella.

The V-steaming incident didn’t go over well. Children do stay up to watch the ball drop and parents would prefer the hosts behave themselves, for a few hours at least.



  1. Trump doesn’t hold a candle to the depravity and vulgarity of the press. What is seldom seen is on full display with alcohol induced realism. The abundance of alcohol tends to reveal the true character of a person. While some become hostile in social interactions the press show where their inclination lie.

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