NBC Changes Wiretapping Story to Trump’s Lawyer Called the WH


NBC put out a bombshell story early Thursday that was repeated throughout the day on all their affiliates and by everyone else. They claimed the Feds wiretapped Trump’s attorney’s calls and intercepted one to the White House.

Rudy Guiliani didn’t believe it but when a Daily Beast reporter insisted it was true, he said someone would go to jail for leaking that.

Well, as it turns out, there was no wiretapping. The feds kept a phone log and Michael Cohen called someone at the White House.

Which story is true? Will we ever know?

Wow! Who would ever guess that a lawyer would call his client!

Stormy’s attention-seeking attorney said he knew about the wiretapping. OOOPs!



NBC’s Bombshell Story About Wiretapping Was Untrue

Earlier today, NBC and MSNBC falsely reported that the Feds intercepted a call between the White House and Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. They further wrote that the Feds have been wiretapping Michael Cohen, adding the tapping included a tap on a line between Cohen and the President at the White House.

Rudy Guiliani reacted angrily to the news about the wiretapping although earlier in the day he said he didn’t believe the Feds wiretapped. Turns out he was right!

It wasn’t a wiretap, it was a ‘pen register’. That means they had a log of who made the call and who received it. They didn’t listen in real time, and they couldn’t record it.

Three anonymous senior U.S. officials claim the NBC story was inaccurate. It was merely a log of calls. Since Cohen is Trump’s lawyer, we would expect a call here and there.

How Did Avenatti Know of the Wiretapping That Never Happened?

Michael Avenatti said on MSNBC earlier today that he knows that text messages were also intercepted by federal investigators. He said it is his understanding that text messages were also ‘wiretapped’, adding that attorney Michael Cohen and others were going to destroy the evidence.

Huh? Since it wasn’t a wiretap, we have to say Avenatti is a teller of tall tales, endlessly seeking attention. He did say he wants his own TV show.

Avenatti just might be a bigger trollop than his client.

Avenatti said Trump is going down and won’t serve out his term.

Weeks of Wiretapping/Pen Register

CNBC reported earlier that the wiretap was in place during the weeks leading up to the raid on Cohen’s home. It is not known how long the tapping went on. [That’s because it was only a call log]

It was all a fairy tale.

These news services are incompetent.

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