NBC News Blasts Out ‘New Big Ideas’ Dems Are Grabbing Onto for 2020


An NBC News article by Benjy Sarlin, blasts out the Democrat platform right from the title, ‘Liberal ideas move from fringe to front-burner for Democrats’. This is their idea of ‘New Big Ideas’.

The hard-left, in other words, is no longer fringe. The Democrat platform is embracing the fringe. We’re not saying that here at the Sentinel, NBC News is.

They call themselves Progressives, but by now, people realize Progressives are leftists, Communists, Socialists and even Communist Anarchists. Liberals have joined them, making them ever more dangerous. Their platform seeks to churn out old Communist ideas as “NEW BIG IDEAS”.


Universal Healthcare

Admitting there are gaps in the proposals, the bottom-line is they will promote univeral healthcare — Medicare For All. How they will pay for it is obvious since they are already boasting of their goal to raise taxes and eliminate all tax cuts. It won’t cover everyone unless everyone who pays federal taxes wants to give up half their income or more.

The most far-reaching legislation, favored by Sanders and co-sponsored by 17 Democratic colleagues, would create a massive single payer system that replaces private insurance with a more generous version of Medicare.

Other bills would allow individuals and, in some cases, employers to buy into a Medicare plan, which would compete with private sector options, and expand subsidies in the Affordable Care Act to help finance coverage. That of course can’t work and is merely a stopgap towards Single Payer since no insurance company can compete with the government’s bottomless purse. We already tried it under Obamacare and they all failed.

The author admits the overall direction is clear: A robust, universally available, government health care plan.

Democrats are no longer hiding their goal of Medicare For All. They simply want to find the best path forward.


After eight years of killing high paying jobs and promoting low-paying or government jobs, the democrats claim they know how to create jobs.

They will raise the minimum wage in poor areas so that low-paying jobs will pay better. This will happen regardless of whether companies can afford it or not. It is a one-size-fits-all and the government will subsidize it with taxpayer dollars.


They are looking at the Booker bill which is estimated to cost $543 billion each year and up to $700 billion in tough times. It would be equivalent to our defense budget.

That makes sense to no thinking person at any time ever.

Pay people who make low income wages

The Democrats want to subsidize low wages with tax dollars.

One bill, backed by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and Sen. Brown, would massively expand the Earned Income Tax Credit [welfare that also goes to illegal aliens] that would cover more families and provide a larger tax refund.


Estimates indicate the bill would cost $1.4 trillion. It would be paired with a mandatory, higher minimum wage. It’s their BASIC INCOME PROPOSAL for the ever-unproductive.

The Democrats are trying to claim Libertarians like this. Uh, I don’t think so.


We all know where immigration is headed. The author of this NBC News piece says Democrats have evolved.

The truth is they evolved as they let more illegal aliens into the country who have developed a strong base of political power with their nasty marches and screaming demands backed by hard-left groups.

It’s all about DACA right now. They demand amnesty. They also demand sanctuary cities they say don’t even exist since they are only protecting their Americans.

George Soros would agree — it’s all about DACA. DACA will turn four of five red states permanently blue. That is the goal — a permanent far-left electoral majority.

The DACA illegals from all over the world are still pouring in by the tens of thousands each month. These new aliens will bring their leftist ideals with them because they are not assimilating and they are largely uneducated. Even Pew Research says that. That is why DREAMers are pushing harder and harder. They are seeing results among their toadies.

On Friday, Gillibrand introduced a bill requiring Border Patrol agents to document searches of buses and trains around the border and submit regular reports to Congress.

Last week, progressive sheriff candidates backed by national activists in Durham and Mecklenburg County in North Carolina also ousted incumbents while pledging to reduce cooperation with ICE. Much of the funding for these candidate races comes from George Soros and his allies.

Activist and commentator Sean McElwee has even garnered attention with an “Abolish ICE” campaign to get left-leaning candidates behind dismantling the agency entirely.

“Even if it doesn’t end ICE, you can create a visceral negative reaction toward the organization,” McElwee said. “We win if people hate ICE enough that it hurts politicians to fund them.”

Drugs and gambling on sports

Freeing up marijuana and gambling on sports [that’s good with us] are now coming through. Can hard drugs be far behind?

We don’t have a stand on that, although personally I am opposed after having seen children become addicted.

But it is funny given that the leftists will take all our money for their Communist goals. We will need to stay drugged. We will also need to gamble in the hopes of getting money somewhere. That will be the biggest opportunity afforded to us once the middle-class American sinks into a Venezuelan-like abyss of poverty, crime, and misery.

Would someone tell me what’s new about these ideas? The only thing big and new is Democrats have become more extreme. We can thank the chaos-causing Bernie Sanders for much of it.

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