NBC News Reports Armed Intruder as an ‘Unwanted House Visitor’


NBC News now reports armed home intruders who are known to the homeowners are UNWANTED HOUSE VISITORS. One of these unwanted visitors was shot and killed by a New Jersey man with his own gun. The two men did know each other but that doesn’t change the fact that one came brandishing a gun.

The owner of the home had to fight this UNWANTED HOUSE VISITOR off and he fought for his life, according to reports.

The intruder allegedly arrived at the residence brandishing a semi-automatic handgun and a fight erupted with the man who lives at the home.

The two allegedly scuffled near the patio area of the home, which connects the living space with the carriage house.

Police say that during the altercation the resident was able to get control of the gun and fired — hitting 29-year-old Terrence Coulanges, of Old Bridge, who died later at an area trauma center.

The two men knew each other but he showed up uninvited, thus he’s an unwanted house visitor.

Why not call the HOUSE VISITOR an intruder or a gunman. It doesn’t matter if they knew each other. He’s an intruder who showed up with a semiautomatic. Hello? NBC News, anyone home?

There is no further information. Motive unknown. Cherchez la femme?

The Patch was worse in one respect, they tried to make the crime about the weapon used.


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