NBC News Wants Trump Impeached Over Sexual Harassment Allegations by Progressives


Weaponizing what Democrats once embraced under Bill Clinton!

NBC News calls itself a news outlet but it’s actually an of the Democrat Party which in turn is in the hands of George Soros, David Brock and people like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mad Maxine and so on.

About 16 or 17 women are lodging sexual harassment allegations against Donald Trump. These women might not all be Progressives but they all made a documentary with a hard-left filmmaker who is funded in part by hard-left billionaire George Soros.

The filmmaker makes his bones by creating propaganda films against the right-wing, conservatives, libertarians, anyone right of center.

At least two of the women were funded through Lisa Bloom, the sketchy partisan daughter of the also sketchy Gloria Allred.

These alleged victims are speaking out – again – as the Russia collusion case appears to be more of a Democrat problem than Trump’s and as the emoluments clause approach goes nowhere. NBC “News” has decided this is the time to look at sexual harassment as a reason to impeach.

They suggest it’s a reasonable approach.


Well, businesses fire prominent people accused of sexual harassment, why not Trump? [We all know that is the reason the prominent people are suddenly getting fired. Democrats never had a problem with sexual harassment before. In fact, they embraced it because morality is all relative they claimed.]

Unfortunately, the President has a clause that requires impeachment for cause, which the  author conveniently concludes does not have to be criminal.

The author, an attorney, than asks, If proven or provable, could sexual assault as a crime be impeachable as a “high crime or misdemeanor”?

According to him, the answer should be ‘yes’ but it might not be since the “high crimes and misdemeanor” phrase, which he says means “official” not “serious”, is just a “debated, catch-all phrase”.

The author admits the Framers restricted it to political crimes and political punishments so sexual harassment might not qualify. But there’s a way around it. He says: “However, there’s a compelling argument that rape and sexual assault are so evil they should be impeachable even if the conduct occurred before the presidency, and regardless of whether they were prosecuted.”

Who did Trump rape? They must be thinking of Bill Clinton.

Author Danny Cevallos then wonders if a President can be impeached for conduct that took place before he took office, but we know his answer to that.

Danny Cevallos is an MSNBC legal analyst. He’s a TV whore who takes high-profile civil cases. MSNBC is not a news outlet, it’s a mostly hard-left opinion pit of talking heads. 

This does explain why Megyn Kelly is getting the big bucks. She has just taken up the cause of the Progressive women accusers on NBC. She improved her ratings with it so we can guess she will continue.

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