NBC Pollster Claims They Got the Polling ‘Fundamentally Right”


Check out the montage of the media analysts predicting the landslide victory or near landslide victory by Hillary Clinton.

They were all wrong.

The polls were wrong for the most part as well. Polls that were close were IBD, Rasmussen and the LA Times daily running tracking poll.

An NBC pollster claimed they got the polling fundamentally right.

“I am joined by the “Wall Street journal” polling duo,” Chuck Todd said. “Republican pollster of public opinion strategies and our data guru both at NBC and the ‘Wall Street journal’. Gentlemen, welcome.”

“So the word is the pollsters got it wrong. What say you,” Todd continued.

“In many ways they were fundamentally right,” the pollster said. “We watched a good lesson of how modest margins and how Democrats dropped modestly and Republicans gained within the president-elect gained enormous ground with white non-college so much that he tipped the scales and bingo. You have a tied election. Trump is our new president.”

This is their guru?


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