NBC Reporter Fired for MAGA Hat at Trump Rally


An NBC outlet in Minnesota fired a reporter for appearing to show political bias while covering President Donald Trump’s rally in Rochester, Minnesota. James Bunner violated NBC’s standards.

They have standards? Who knew?

An unhappy video journalist posted the reporter in a MAGA hat. [The hat does represent the current President of us all, even NBC.]

Noel Sederstrom, news director of KTTC in Austin, Minnesota, said the station has a ban on staff members wearing campaign garb while covering political events, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported. Bunner was fired Friday, he said.

They have a dress code? It required immediate firing?

The reporter had also uploaded pro-Trump content to his personal social media. He appeared to celebrate while dancing in a newsroom on Trump’s Inauguration Day. In the description, he wrote, “Me watching the Trump inauguration.” He deleted that video.

The news director told BuzzFeed his personal pages on social media had nothing to do with the firing. It was over him wearing the hat during a rally.

That’s an immediate firing offense? What if he wore an “I believe her” pin or a pussy hat”? One must wonder.

I could understand if he wore this hat.

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