NBC reports 6 no-name sources think Bolton deduced some nasty things about Trump


The Associated Press reported, “Former national security adviser John Bolton has a book deal, The Associated Press has learned.

“Two of the officials said the deal was worth about $2 million. Bolton was represented by the Javelin literary agency, whose clients include former FBI Director James Comey and the anonymous Trump administration official whose book, A Warning, comes out Nov. 19.”

Book deals are usually payoffs.


NBC News reports that in a recent private speech in Miami, Bolton suggested some of Trump’s foreign policy decisions are motivated by self-interest, financial and personal. This information comes from six ANONYMOUS sources.

The story is a hearsay assertion, attributed to no named sources, and is supposedly a deduction by Bolton from what he takes to be POTUS’s otherwise irrational position, Andy McCarthy writes while allowing it’s a big story if true.

However, there is not one fact in evidence.


Allegedly, Amb. Bolton didn’t appear to like the President’s handling of Turkey, derided the President’s son-in-law and daughter, and questioned Trump applying business principles to foreign policy since it’s not like a win-lose real estate deal where you move on if one doesn’t work. These comments are according to the six anonymous people.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the hawkish Bolton didn’t like the peace maneuvers the President made in Syria. But, Donald Trump is the foreign policymaker for the country, not his advisers.

Multiple people who attended Bolton’s private speech in Miami did not recall him mentioning Ukraine.

His lawyer, Charles Cooper, said Bolton is willing to testify if a federal court approves it and issues a ruling that essentially says he can defy the White House’s position that he can’t speak to Congress.

Bolton expressed support in his private remarks for Trump’s stance against China on trade, people present said. But Trump and Bolton had a litany of policy differences — on Iran, North Korea, Syria and, possibly, Ukraine.

Bolton didn’t like his handling of Turkey and wanted President Trump to sanction Turkey after he purchased a Russian missile defense system. The anonymous people deduced that the President’s hotel in Istanbul weighed into the decision.

Bolton made some other nasty remarks — allegedly — according to the hearsay. They all appear to be his opinion.


The former National Security Advisor is the media’s topic of the day. They smell blood in the water. He’s disgruntled and appears to be a weak link.

Peggy Noonan, who contributes to ABC News, the Wall St. Journal, and NBC News, wrote at the WSJ, that she had questions for Bolton if he testifies. They are mind-blowingly irrelevant questions.

“He would know a great deal about the issues at hand. Did the president act in a way he disapproved of on Ukraine? Was there a side-game foreign policy? All that would be powerful. But what if he was asked to think aloud about what he saw of the way Mr. Trump operates, of what he learned about the president after he came to work for him, of what illusions, if any, might have been dispelled? To reflect (as the generals who used to work for the president reflect, off the record)? What if he is questioned imaginatively, even sympathetically, with a long view as to what history needs to be told?”

Why would anyone need to know how John Bolton feels about those issues? His opinion is as irrelevant as that of the witnesses being brought into the Schiff trials.

An impeachment should involve high crimes and misdemeanors and in Trump’s case, there is no evidence of any crimes.

Noonan asks, “What if he is questioned imaginatively, even sympathetically, with a long view as to what history needs to be told?”

Who cares? What is wrong with this woman? She is typical of the media.

The Media Just Regurgitates When They Should Investigate

The conflict in Syria was resolved in a way that kept people alive and there is peace at the moment. Al-Baghdadi and his successor are dead, Turkey, our NATO ally, has stopped rumbling, the Kurds are safe, the oil wells are safe, and Russia’s monitoring the border.

The press today is dependent on clicks and anonymous sources with agendas and influence. Almost all of the media is owned by six companies and they all spit out the same ‘news.’

Noonan is one more robot for the suits. The media is taking opinion and using it to hang a President and overturn an election. They did it with Russia-Trump and the dossier and they are doing it again.


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