NBC Stirs Climate Hysteria With Arrogance & Fake News


NBC Today Show host Al Roker started this segment in the clip below by warning Americans of climate change disasters to come, ensuring them that global warming is a real thing based on data from government agencies. In his hysterical warning to his viewers, Roker exclaimed that we’re seeing the warmest temperatures in “recorded history.”

But what does that mean—the warmest temperatures in “recorded history?”

Robert Tracinski at The Federalist explains that “Last year was the hottest on earth since record-keeping began in 1880.” Which is a whole lot less impressive.

It must also be mentioned that good records and reliable instruments are far more recent — very recent in fact.

One of the hosts said we would do well “if humans just disappeared.” Isn’t she cute?

Today Show co-host Willie Heist ended the segment by suggesting anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change, is an idiot.

“You’ve gotta work pretty hard at this point to deny this is happening. There are people who say on a cold day like we had last week where it’s 77 degrees below zero in Minnesota. Well, as you all pointed out, it’s climate change, it’s not global warming.”

What an arrogant elitist.

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4 years ago

Could the computer models the “scientists” fabricate be inaccurate? Follow the money. Follow the money.

4 years ago

Hey Thinkapotomus. If we all just disappeared, it wouldn’t matter if the Earth got as hot as Mercury

Barry White
Barry White
4 years ago

Poor NBC
They went to Liberal universities and never had to learn that math stuff. And science is what a “scientist” tells you it is.
Who put the “trace” in trace gas. Don’t they know it’s going to kill us all?
After all Di Hydro Monoxide is .4% of our atmosphere and Carbon Dioxide is only 0.04% of it.
Di Hydro Monoxide is responsible for more and more death’s each year.
Oh no!

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Climate change is Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, God controls the weather not mankind, also China nor India would implement any of these changes.