NBC ‘Unbiased’ Reporter Calls Detention Center Rules “Textbook…Concentration Camps


MSNBC’s guest host on Wednesday’s “Deadline: White House, John Heilemann said that illegal alien (migrant) detention camps are textbook concentration camps.

“So, the President of the United States has the children on his mind. Today, we learned what he would like to do with those children when they arrive in this country seeking asylum: he wants to hold them and their families in detention centers indefinitely,” Heilemann said with no small amount of melodrama.

“That means potentially forever,” he emphasized.

No John my boy, it means 50 to 60 days instead of 20 to give the government time to run their cases past an asylum judge.

At one point, “When you start talking about permanent detention facilities for minorities in any extant country, it’s like in the textbook definition of what a concentration camp is: permanent detention. That’s what that is…at least one important part of what a concentration camp is,” he said.

It’s not permanent and he knows it.

As an NBC reporter in June 2018, he admitted that he works with the Democrat Party to ‘inflict damage’ on President Trump. He kept referring to himself and the Democrats as one but then tried to say he “wasn’t part of the Democrat Party.”

These so-called reporters are activists and mouthpieces for the Democrats. As such, they will say anything. He hates all things GOP.



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