NBC Viral News Clip, Disturbing or Hysterically Funny


NBC News’ coverage of Senator John McCain’s death was respectful until they cut to their “regular programming”. It went to Hell right there. The clip has gone viral. Some find it disturbing and others find it very funny. In fact, both can be true.

NBC “NEWS” concluded the report on the senator and went to the “normal” program, “America’s Got Talent”.

“And again this evening, the breaking news, NBC News confirming the death of Senator John McCain at the age of 81,” the NBC News host said. “This has been an NBC News special report, we will return to regular programming on the NBC network. Our live coverage continues on MSNBC.”

It went to two bare-breasted men skating around with dolphin heads on and a sign in the back reading, ‘Dolphin Love Story’.

They became sexually lewd.

Twitter users don’t like it.

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