NBPs, Commies, Nation of Islam, Crips, Bloods Join Baltimore’s ‘Peaceful” Protesters


The media has referred to the pockets of riots in Baltimore as mostly peaceful protests.

The criminals this weekend wearing stolen police caps, standing on damaged police cars.

They’re attacking white people in the mostly peaceful protests in Baltimore.

The mayor said “we gave those who wish to destroy, space to do that as well.”

These are the protesters being given space to destroy.

The mayor also said outsiders came in and created the violence.

The Baltimore protests are bringing together the Crips, Bloods, and the Nation of Islam. Several are giving the one finger salute of ISIS.

The leftists mobilize faster than the military in this country and they’ve come to Baltimore.

Here they are punching the commie fist into the air.

More of the Nation of Islam.

The New Black Panther Party are in Baltimore stirring up trouble.

The World Socialist Party is also in town to disrupt Baltimore.

The commies.

The president of the Revolutionary Communist party Carl Dix.

Great job Baltimore, says one, you brought Carl Dix and the Revolutionary Communist Party.

This is not to say Freddie Gray wasn’t murdered or not, but there is more to this story. Check the deceased Freddie Gray’s arrest record and see what you think. It left out his assault charge.

The RT reporter being robbed is two day old news.


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