NC Is a Purple State! Ruling of Startling Breadth Because of It


Judge Bryan Collins, Superior Court NC
A decision based on gerrymandering is of such breadth as to permanently alter the face of North Carolina and beyond.

The national battle over gerrymandering has taken different forms depending on the state. Decisions are negatively impacting Republicans for the most part. Democrats gerrymander too, but Democrats are pursuing this battle with rigor and Republicans are on the defensive as opposed to fighting it out in Democrat zones. If minorities are involved, as they are in this North Carolina case, Republicans are especially vulnerable.


A state court has ruled that the North Carolina constitutional amendments on voting laws and a tax cap are unconstitutional because the legislature is unconstitutional.

Claiming the gerrymandering in the past was racist, a North Carolina court ruled that recent voter ID and tax cap constitutional amendments are INVALID because they were voted onto the ballot by a racially gerrymandered state legislature. In other words, the legislature is deemed unconstitutional and cannot amend the constitution. The amendments must represent the electorate.

It is a novel interpretation of the North Carolina constitution and could be reversed or made worse on appeal. The North Carolina Supreme Court will soon have a 6-1 Democrat majority.

You can see where this is going and the power of the left to find ways to take full control.

The original complaint was to declare all laws passed by the Republican legislature invalid.


If upheld, it would seem it could possibly repeal all the laws the legislature passed. Judge Bryan Collins seems to believe the political argument that everything the North Carolina General Assembly did was invalid, but Collins just held that only those things requiring a supermajority for passage would be invalid.

Collins wrote in his ruling, “An illegally constituted General Assembly does not represent the people of North Carolina and is therefore not empowered to pass legislation that would amend the state’s Constitution.”

His reasoning for only ruling null and void those decisions requiring a supermajority is that amendments to the state constitution require a supermajority of both chambers of the General Assembly.

Republicans have currently lost their supermajority – ad infinitum. The state is now purple and the electorate is moving to the left.

The case was brought by six litigants, including the hard-left NAACP and hard-left Clean Air Carolina.

The repercussions of this decision are extraordinary.

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