NC Prof Tells Students To Block Parents From Watching Fox News


A North Carolina Professor wants her students to block Fox News from their parents. Think about that, parents are paying for their kids to go to a school that’s indoctrinating them and telling them to do the same to their parents.

“When they’re not looking, set the parental controls on the TVs of your family members to block Fox News,” the handout said. “Fox News spreads bigotry and hatred,” she wrote.

The so-called teacher is afraid of the totalitarian government? She’s totalitarian and she’s nuts.

At one point she said that after the Pittsburgh murders, Fox News had a guest on sending out dog whistles.

She picked some very far-left people for them to follow on Twitter.

The paper also asks students to read “real news,” and includes sources like NBC, MSNBC and The New York Times among many others.

Fake News

The sociology professor is Dr. Michaela DeSoucey and she has sort of apologized, Daily Caller reported.

“Upon reflection, Dr. DeSoucey has realized she erred in crossing the line between educating and advocating,” said NC State College of Humanities and Social Sciences dean Jeffery Braden, according to The Hayride. “She has apologized, we have accepted her apology, and we consider this matter closed.”

That’s fake news. She’s not sorry and you know it.

Watch this, I promise you will like it or be horrified:



  1. These are the tactics of communist infiltrators turning entrapped brainwashed students into warriors for their totalitarian goals by influencing their parents. And the media claims Trump is dividing America, HOGWASH!

  2. Sociology professors exist because all students are required to take social sciences. An engineering student must take it. But a liberal arts student need not take engineering. Sociology professors are another beneficiary of our socialist society, receiving compensation far above contribution.

    Her letter is immature. She used school resources and time to manipulate students.

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