All You Need To Know About Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest


We will post the dashcam video here as soon as the police release it Tuesday.

Tiger Woods was arrested on a DUI charge Monday night, a few miles from his upscale restaurant “The Woods,” reports TMZ.

TIGER Woods was asleep at the wheel of his car and had to be woken up by police before failing a sobriety test, officials say.

This is an early report.

Jupiter police are releasing few details, but celebrity website TMZ reports their sources tell them an officer spotted him “driving erratically, all over the road.”

Police said they came up on his car at the side of the road and had to wake up Woods, who was buckled into the driver’s seat with the engine on, brake lights on and a flashing red blinker.

According to police reports, Woods’ vehicle had “fresh damage,” including two flat tires on the driver’s side and “minor damage” to the front and rear bumpers. There was also slight damage to both driver’s side rims.

TMZ reports he slurred his words and didn’t seem to understand what was being asked of him by attending police.

“When asked if he understood the Romberg alphabet test, he stated, ‘yes, recite entire national anthem backwards’,” the police report said.

The source reported the “officer smelled alcohol on Woods’ breath” and that the golfer “became arrogant.”

It was also reported “the officer asked him to blow into a breathalyzer but he refused.”

He was arrested and at a testing facility he did not have any alcohol on his breath, according to the report, which said he was “cooperative as much as possible, very droopy, extremely sleepy, hard to keep eyes open, hard to walk”.

The field test seemed to confirm it was a drug problem, not alcohol. He had back surgery recently.

When his girlfriend found out, she broke down in tears and screamed, “I knew it”.

He’s in danger of losing his sponsors including Nike and Rolex.

At 5 p.m. he released a statement:

“I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions. I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved.  What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn’t realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly.”

“I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends, and the fans.  I expect more from myself, too. I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.

“I fully cooperated with law enforcement, and I would like to personally thank the representatives of the Jupiter Police Dept. and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism.”

In 2009, Woods was inebriated when he hit a tree after his wife Elin Nordegren at the time smacked him around for cheating on her.


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    Sorry to be off topic but in the suggested stories above, I saw the one about that woman – Marie Argentieri – who had a secret service laptop stolen in her driveway….and I was wondering if you have any updates on that? did she leave the laptop there on purpose? was she paid by democrats to do that? was the ” thief” ever caught? the lap top found? was she fired?

  2. I don’t understand why you don’t leave the poor guy alone; He is obviously in a great emotional slump and the vultures are circling, (Vultures only consume already dead flesh/carrion). The “Press” is filled with some really base, low-down freaks who should take a quick dip in an icy fiord or lake………(without a life preserver)
    and take the producers of CNN, MSNBC, and the networks and softball Mathews and Rachel Madcow with you. PULEEEZE, give us some thinking press who say something other than rutting like pigs at a pig championship slop ball game. Come on, are we that base or low? The Demo Mantra,….. the only reason softball Mathews talks so fast is that he doesn’t want you to take time to analyze his gibberish, and Rachel Madcow, is like a puberty candidate performing on a stage in 6th grade, posturing and presenting oblique
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