Negotiator Trump Leveraging American Prosperity vs. Thuggish Turkey, Iran, & China


The talking heads continue hyperventilating over President Trump’s tough stance on tariffs and trade.  They breathlessly report it will lead to a “disastrous trade war”.  What they either deliberately ignore or fail to understand is “The Donald” is now using his pro-growth policies, creating American economic growth and prosperity, to take tough bargaining positions against Turkey, Iran, and China.    

Here’s a quick review of the scorecard.

Turkey: This nation made the mistake of imprisoning an American evangelical pastor, Andrew Brunson. Trump’s response has been to impose tariffs and sanctions against the Islamic regime.  Those measures have cost Turkey’s currency, the lira, to lose 45 percent of its value this year.  In “retaliation,” Turkey’s Erdogan has announced a boycott of US electronics.  Yeah, that’ll work.

Iran:  Trump canceled Obama’s “nuclear agreement” in May.  Since then, their rial has been down 40 percent.  America has hamstrung Iran’s ability to do financial transactions in dollars and gold and has hit its automotive and commercial airline sectors hard. The future holds more punishing sanctions on oil and banking. “As a result of the cratering of the Iranian economy, the country’s huge cohort of restive young people has been launching widespread protests that may yet bring down the regime, and Trump’s actions could accelerate that.”

China:  Trump has imposed tariffs and threatened a major trade war, which has flustered the commie leadership.  They’re “beginning to think he may just be crazy enough to do it.” The Chinese yuan has been down 9 percent against the dollar since April and stocks have been dipping in and out of a bear market. Communist bluster aside, their leaders fear having access to profitable American markets restricted. “But both growth and consumer spending have slowed, and even ordinary Chinese are now publicly criticizing president-for-life Xi Jinping.”

Can anyone remember a time Obama’s “negotiations” had these nations and their thuggish leaders back on their heels like this….or for that matter, in any way at all?  

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