Neil Cavuto Gives Blistering Rebuttal to the President for Criticizing Fox


Earlier this week, the President tweeted that Trump supporters should find another network because we can’t trust Fox. As he has said, the network is changing and they are cutting ties with President Trump.

It’s no longer an Ailes network and we don’t know how far the changes will go. It doesn’t seem wise for the President to keep attacking the only network that is fair to him most of the time. In the end, Fox probably sees it as a plus that will help them shed the unfair image as state TV.

The President took some heat from Brit Hume who said “we don’t work for you,” and Guy Benson said the same thing. That’s true, but what they’re missing here is the President was referencing Sandra Smith’s creampuff interview with a far-left agitator, offering no pushback. He also referenced the loons, Juan, Shep, and the weekend daytime horrors. They just rip into the President hatefully.

As far as Neil in this segment below, one should keep in mind that he is a never-Trump most of the time. To go after the President, he recounts Trump’s penchant for insulting his enemies, then praising them when they come back to the fold. It’s a nasty rant. He makes some fair points.

Probably, none of this bothers the Fox News suits, despite Neil’s reaction, claiming he’s offended. It hastens their separation from the President and his supporters. They likely think it will give them street creds with the left and somehow widen their base. Maybe it will. It’s their network.

There are still many good people on Fox and they are far more balanced than the other networks. In the daytime, if I had to guess, I’d say they were more no-Trump than pro-Trump. What people don’t understand is our alternative to Trump is socialism. That’s a deal-breaker for most traditional Americans and Trump doesn’t have to be perfect.

Tell us what you think about the Neil spiel. I stopped watching him after he shut down Catholic League President Bill Donohue’s mic for suggesting the Notre Dame fire could have been arson since they are burning down churches in Europe quite regularly. At the time, O’Donohue said he didn’t like the changes at Fox.

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