Neo-Economics – Handling the Debt and Deficit With Tricks


Neo-economics, handle the debt and deficit like you would a shell game.

Oh boy, are they cunning or what! The U.S. government wants people to continue investing in our bankrupt debt and deficit state so they use ever-new machinations to make it happen.

The government wants to restructure our debt to attract investors so they are thinking about issuing a floating-rate note that for investors would provide an opportunity to profit should rates go up (or lose everything if they don’t) and for the government a chance to restructure its debt even further.

Our deficit is over a trillion for yet another year and our debt is nearing 15 trillion, and, frankly, we’re not all that appealing to investors. The  government can’t cut the deficit because they’re incompetent so they need to find more tricks. Read here: Yahoo news

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