Liberals Say Fake Black Person Used Her ‘White Privilege’


Fake black person, Rachel Dolezal, is guilty of white privilege according to at least some liberal talking heads and intellectuals.

fake black woman

White Privilege is the new racism and it’s aimed at whites. It’s the politicization of a myth. No matter what happens, if a white person is involved, they’re exercising their white privilege.

Very few whites think they’re privileged over blacks. Whites are a minority in the world and will soon be a minority in the United States. White Privilege is a lie that is being taught, in part, to spread hate, shut down non-liberal viewpoints, to make it acceptable to judge whites by the color of their skin, to infer guilt when none is deserved, to allow Marxists to spread the wealth from the privileged whites to the abused minorities.

Whites better start shutting it down. It’s utter nonsense.  It is not skin color that is causing some minority communities to be impoverished – it’s gangs, drugs, poor parenting, and excuse-making for problems they are responsible for.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t bigotry and black minorities shouldn’t receive help. We do owe them because of their history in this country, but spreading bigotry against whites to promote a far-left agenda is not the way to do it.

That is not to diminish the horrible atrocities committed against ethnic minorities. Blacks in this country were enslaved by whites and it is a horrendous chapter in our history but history is where it needs to be. Dredging it up and turning blacks against whites is evil.

Take the CNN interview with HuffPo’s Marc Lamont Hill and cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis, hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The subject was Rachel Dolezal who took on the identity of a black woman and went on to become president of an NAACP chapter and to assume a government position. Prior to that, she went to Howard University, a black college.

For some personal reasons, she decided to lie pathologically and defraud people with her feigned identity. She is no different than any other imposter though she didn’t use the identity to avoid the law. She did it to avoid who she is or maybe she felt being black provided her with more opportunities. She has apparently done good work for blacks.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t so good for whites because she probably lied when she said they were abusing her due to her ethnicity. She filed a complaint with Spokane police over the hate mail she allegedly received.

The police have suspended all investigations on behalf of fake black Rachel because the letters did not have a post office stamp or barcode and were likely placed in her box by someone who had a key, which would be her.

That type of lying is very harmful to society. It’s no small thing though people will ignore it because whites can be demeaned freely – that’s okay.

I knew a teacher who wore a cowboy hat and boots every day and spoke with a Texas accent. One day, I asked him what part of Texas he was from. He said he was from Germany and spent most of his life in Brooklyn. He just liked the accent and liked being Texan.

My cousin assumed a thick Irish brogue and told everyone she was from Ireland. She told me she did it because she liked who she was as an Irish woman.

Instead of accepting it for what it is, the liberals want to figure out why she did it and if she could control it. Of course she can control it! They want to understand her. Why? She’s a liar and she caused harm to white people by making up stories about being threatened because of her ethnicity.

The NAACP needs to fire her. She can’t be trusted though she apparently tells them what they want to hear.

In the video, you can hear leftist talking heads blaming her white privilege as if it’s a scientific fact of life.

  • Not only did she give up her fictitious “white privilege” she looked much more attractive as a white woman.

    The frizzy hair and darkly dyed eyebrows make her look fugly.

    In addition, black men prefer white women.

    (Sorry black women but you know it’s true.)