Net Neutrality Day! Leftists Want to Do For the Internet What They Did for the Phone Company


AT&T, Google, Netflix, and Reddit and others launched online protests Wednesday against changes to Net Neutrality. AT&T absurdly held a massive protest even though they sued to get rid of the current net neutrality rules.

AT&T  still insists they are opposed to Net Neutrality. It’s about the ideology, not what’s right.

The Trump FCC commissioner Ajit Pai explained to Reason Magazine why he rejected the deceptively named ‘Net Neutrality’.

There was no catastrophe coming to warrant the regulations. That was fake news from the left who want regulations for regulations-sake.

There will be no problems getting rid of Net Neutrality either, Mr. Pai assured the interviewer. An ISP will be able to do what they did before.

The fact is that providers weren’t willy nilly blocking traffic in 2015. Those accusations were phantoms conjured up by those who wanted to over-regulate the Internet.

The reality is the government was going to regulate everyone and then they were going to over-regulate again according to their rules.

The originators of Net Neutrality want regulations, needed or not.

The hard left wants Net Neutrality

That should tell you something.

This is the view of Kamala Harris, the female Obama:

Then there is Marxist Tim Kaine:

Let’s not forget the New York hack Chuck Schumer. We thought he was busy trying to stop the sale of sniffing chocolate that allegedly has too much caffeine in it, but he found time to comment on this:

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