Net Neutrality Didn’t Work, May It “Burn In Hell”


If Net Neutrality has shown us anything in the last couple years, it is that it has enabled Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, You Tube and Amazon wield the power of Big Brother. They monopolize advertising, control political discourse, and shut down free speech. We exist under the tyranny of large, crony corporations.

Facebook, Google and Twitter et all use their power to limit shares of stories, bury right-wing voices, and trash our Constitutional rights while promoting those of foreigners. They are using the same cenorship guidelines for Americans that they use in Germany, France and the U.K.

Communists love Net Neutrality

The Internet was a lot freer before they tightened the vice. Net Neutrality helped them do it.

Where is the oversight and the checks and balances? There isn’t any. It’s a full-on abuse of power. Don’t tell me they are private companies. They are private companies in bed with the political army of the hard-left.

They are using their power to hurt our First Amendment, our Second Amendment, and all the others. Take the problem described in the video as one example.

The left-wing claims they want to protect the Internet and keep it free. Why haven’t they noticed the clamping down on free speech? Where are they while this is going on?

Try googling controversial issues, you will get pages and pages of left-wing media stories.

You Tube bans every video I put up. After I get several thousand views, they will finally approve it on appeal. By then, it’s past the news cycle. The message is that I am not allowed to make money on my You Tube site.

Where are the stories about the communists? They are buried while the handfuls of socialist KKK and Nazis, the left portrays as right-wing, make the front pages.

The left is worried that ISPs like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T will police content without being regulated to infinity. True, it could happen, but how much better is it to have Broadband doing it?

Suppose you had to take planes that only fly 200 mph because that’s what other people can afford? Does this make sense.

FM radio was around a lot longer than it was a viable standard – since 1928 – because AM was so politically powerful that the government wouldn’t approve them. It took 50 years.

Online platforms are doing exactly what the left claims they are afraid ISPs will do.

ISPs have not limited content and Net Neutrality was a solution in search of a problem.

Social media, google and youtube, all of them, fluctuate with the feelings of snowflakes, celebrities, Democrats and fear-filled companies advertising on sites and videos.

A lot of terrifying scenarios are played out in the media about ever-rising costs if ISPs aren’t controlled – heavily controlled. Why not let the free market decide?

So far, the packages ISPs provide have been more than fair.

Why limit choice and put all this in the hands of big government which can waiver with whoever is in office at the time?

ISPs could also slow down access. That’s a legitimate concern. If they do, that’s what courts are for.

Since ISPs haven’t censored anything or slowed down competitors, let’s give freedom a chance.

While Google and social media shadowban, the ISPs haven’t done anything wrong. Let’s bring competition back and dump the fascists.

Net Neutrality, as it has been set up, is a fraud. The left wants to do for the Internet what they did for the phone company. Just the fact that the hard-left wants Net Neutrality should alarm freedom-loving people. They’ve been organizing riots over this and harassing the FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai and his children at his home.

The left says they only want to ban the “hate” media which of course doesn’t include MSNBC, CNN or any of the others who obviously hate Donald Trump and right-wing everything. What they want to ban is Drudge, Hannity, Ron Paul, right-wing blogs, Breitbart, and so on.

Democrat Senator Ed Markey, called for a “free and open Internet” that bans conservative media and hosts they don’t like such as Drudge, Breitbart, Infowars, Hannity, O’Reilly.

The left already had hundreds of pages of regulations prepared and ready to go under Net Neutrality. What could go wrong?

The fear is cost? If Netflix goes up in price, live with it.

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