Netflix Likely to Air Obama Anti-Trump Propaganda Series


Netflix is quickly becoming the Obama political propaganda channel. 

Deadline reports that Michael Lewis’s latest book, The Fifth Risk, has been acquired by the Obamas under their Netflix production deal.

It will likely be made into a series to “help people better understand the inner workings of the government.” The book follows the alleged chaos and mismanagement in various executive agencies after Barack Obama handed them off to President Donald Trump.

The author spoke to federal union workers and Obama political appointees. Those interviewed say the staff of the new administration were “greatly unqualified” and few even bothered to show up.

At that time, Democrats under Chuck Schumer in the Senate wouldn’t approve Trump’s staff.

In conclusion, Netflix will likely air a movie or series produced by Barack Obama based on attacks on the Trump administration from Obama’s cronies.

That is leftist propaganda paid for by subscribers and it’s an enormous conflict of interest. Netflix is doing the work of the hard-left.

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