Netflix Show for Teens Promotes Immorality, Vile Attacks on Christianity


Netflix’s new show for teens, ‘Insatiable’, is amoral and it includes vile attacks on Christians and Jesus. It’s getting panned for fat-shaming and delivering unfunny lines, but few in the media care about the insults to Christians.

It’s an absolutely evil show.

The show is supposed to be a cautionary tale about fat-shaming but ends up doing exactly what it is supposed to be speaking against.

The show has one episode in which teen girls in the choir, dressed in white robes, sing a sexual song about Jesus, Lifesite News reports.

The episode focuses on an event called the “Miss Magic Jesus Pageant” that shows teen girls singing a “worship” song with disgusting lyrics that ask the Holy Spirit to “please ride me…deep, deep, deep in my Hoooo…ly Father.”

They gyrate sexually as they sing about intercourse with the Holy Spirit. The chorus sings, “Oh, Spirit, please ride me. Please, please, please, please ride me. Deep, deep, deep in my soul.”

There is also an oral sex scene of a couple teens on top of a Noah’s Ark playground structure.


Red and Black wrote a review. They don’t even mention the mocking of Christianity. This is the first paragraph of the review:

The show has received widespread criticism since premiering and has garnered over 230,000 signatures calling for the series to be canceled, citing harmful body-shaming. While the show does include plenty of fat-shaming, it goes much deeper than that. For a show that is supposed to be a dark comedy, it’s ridiculously unfunny and hard to watch., noted, “Among its infractions is its dedication to portraying Southerners as shallow, ostentatious Jesus freaks.”

The Guardian says that one of the recurring images is Patty, played by Debby Ryan, gorging on food. “While my classmates were out losing their virginity,” she says in the first episode, “I was at home stuffing another hole.”

The Guardian does mention the religious profanities:

Religious institutions are shown to be judgmental, foolish and patently unhelpful in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. There are jokes about race, sexual orientation, and sexual molestation, all of which seem intent on being shocking, without being particularly funny. There are also a lot of dirty jokes based on a fast food place called Taco Weiner.

These evil people are teaching teens to behave immorally as they torch a religion. It’s disgusting.

Judgemental anti-Trumper Alyssa Milano is in it — figures!

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