Never Trumper Glenn Beck Lays Off 20% of His Staff


Glenn Beck laid off slightly more than 20 percent of the combined workforce of The Blaze and Mercury Radio Arts, his production company.

Beck noted in an article on Medium that the past year has been hard on business.

“This year has been one of the hardest years of my life,” he wrote. “I’ve learned so much about myself, my friends and coworkers, and basic human nature. I have also learned a lot about my business and what I believe it will take to succeed in tomorrow’s America. The industrial revolution took 100 years to unfold; industry-altering change now occurs in days, not centuries.”

One reason, besides business being difficult, could be his extreme Never Trump spiel day after day extending until after the election.

There are so many reasons that Beck is having problems. Here are a few:

Comparing Trump to Hitler was over-the-top for many conservatives.

Beck became boring once he abandoned his fight against the left. He started preaching in what some saw as a condescending manner. When illegal alien children were being sent over our borders alone to serve as anchors for their families or, in many cases, they were sent as gang members, Beck went to the border to hand out toys. It was generous, but the problem was he did it while insulting conservatives as unkind and selfish.

Then there was the big meeting with the Facebook founder. When Zuckerberg agreed to meet with conservatives over Facebook’s blatant censorship of their pages, Beck betrayed conservatives by pandering to Zuckerberg.

Beck even went over to the dark side to praise the Obamas. He said, “Barack Obama made me a better man”. Then he praised Michelle Obama’s speech trashing Donald Trump. After she demonized Trump for his alleged maltreatment of women, Beck said it was “…the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan.”

Firing the popular Tomi Lahren because she believes in abortion didn’t help his program at all. He fought her for her Facebook page and took in more bad press from her salvos.

The administrators who helped him get to the top were all fired in exchange for a new group who never took him anywhere.

But it is his anti-Trump tirades that likely hurt the most. Beck went on a Facebook rant prior to the second presidential debate and declared that allowing Hillary Clinton to be elected president could be an “ethical, moral” choice, while at the same time scolding conservative Christians for their continued support of “immoral” Donald Trump.

Beck declared: “It sickens me to read the posts from ‘conservative Christians’. The very same people who lectured the left about Bill Clinton. I thought character mattered. Does it still? Or is that just for [D]emocrats?”

That sanctimonious preaching didn’t go over well.

The Huffington Post claims The Blaze is “coming apart because of a lack of editorial direction, staff attrition and internal discord”. They went from 25 editors to 6.

An anonymous source told HuffPo, allegedly that “The few people who are still left are looking for an exit because they know The Blaze is over,” the source said. “They haven’t told us straight up that they’re done with us, but all the signs point to it, and they’re not replacing people who are laid off or get out.”

Beck says he is regrouping and wrote on Medium:

We are not PBS. No government institution is going to write us a giant check. The structural challenges facing media companies today are real; but, when someone — anyone — tells me that something can’t be done, it only makes me more determined to prove them wrong.

We started TheBlaze for one purpose: we wanted to change the world for the better.

The problem for Beck right now is he just doesn’t offer anything to many conservatives and libertarians and that’s his audience. Maybe he will regroup and make a come back.

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