Never Trumpers Rejoice on CNN Over Republican’s Loss in PA


Pennsylvania’s 18th district held a special election Tuesday. Democrat Conor Lamb was proclaimed the victor over Republican rival Rick Saccone, although the election isn’t necessarily decided. There are absentee ballots to be counted and some voting machines were “miscalibrated”, which might lead to a recount. The votes in those regions were switched from Saccone to Lamb.

There are only 621 votes between them.

Democrats and Never Trumpers are claiming it’s the bellwether. Republicans are appearing on CNN claiming it’s proof that Trump is done. Trump, they say, won the district handily and his candidate was rejected. That is allegedly proof Trump is on the downward spiral.

The truth is that before President Trump stumped for Saccone last week, there was a 6-point spread. Trump closed the gap.

Also, the district is not a red district. Karl Rove was on Fox News three days ago and pointed out that the district has 50,000 more registered Democrat voters.

The truth is that Trump won the blue collar workers because he promised to save their jobs, something Democrats always promise but never do. Rather than the Pennsylvania election being a referendum against Trump, it’s likely a vote against congressional Republicans.

The real story is that Republicans should support Trump or stop pretending they’re Republicans.

A case in point concerns two key Republican consultants. They are prominent Never Trumpers. Mike Murphy, who ran Jeb Bush’s campaign, and Mark McKinnon, who ran Jeb’s media campaign, are joyful over the Pennsylvania election, which they think is Trump’s loss. Both went to CNN to gloat over the downfall of Donald Trump, albeit rather prematurely.

These so-called Republicans blame Trump and they are positively giddy over it. Murphy said: the blue wave is coming; Trump is the most unpopular president; he undermines the presidency, and we are being clobbered because of him.

Murphy said on CNN that the problem Republicans have in November is Trump. “He is an anchor” around the Republican party.

McKinnon is a so-called Republican who started a centrist independent group called “No Labels”. He claims Republicans are saying: “get off the beach”.

McKinnon’s really a liberal who pretends he isn’t. McKinnon said Republicans are resigning because of Trump and more resignations are coming because of Trump. The strong economy and tax cuts won’t save Trump or Republicans, he insists.

This Pennslyvania election allegedly proves it.

These two are even pushing gun control as a way for Republicans to survive.

As Rush Limbaugh asks, if this is true, how did he get elected in the first place? He is still leading Hillary in polls. It’s not because Hillary is such a terrible candidate if she won the popular vote [thanks to California]. She was loved by the Democrats.

So, how did he get elected in the first place, and why did he become such a failure after completing 65% of his agenda?

Rush says the story is Trump is hated because he’s an outsider and he beat them. These two so-called Republicans were out on CNN claiming it’s over and Trump is hated — end of story.

They are typical Never Trumpers and they are worse than Democrats.

This is what some in our Republican Party has become. It’s not Trump who is an anchor, it’s them.


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