Never-Trumpsters Try to Unseat Trump on Monday, They’re Helping Hillary Win Election


nevertrumpersDozens of Republican delegates are mounting a last-ditch effort to snatch the nomination away from Donald Trump. They are claiming a last-minute victory in a push to force every delegate to vote on the party’s rules on the convention floor.

Calling themselves Delegates Unbound, they support unbinding the delegates to free them from their pledge to vote for Trump. This afternoon, they claimed they secured enough support to force that roll call vote on the floor.

The delegates aim to vote down the rules package in its entirety in order to force the party back to the drawing board under pressure to unbind delegates.

It’s highly unlikely they can find the 1,237 delegates needed. The group says they represent neverTrump and are supporters of Kasich, Cruz and Rubio. All three lost but Kasich only won one state, Rubio wasn’t far behind Kasich. Cruz won the most next to Trump but couldn’t come close to beating Trump.

“Despite every obstacle thrown in our way, the movement of all the stakeholders involved in this effort have gained a majority of the delegates in 10 states,” said Dane Waters, co-founder of Delegates Unbound, in a statement released just before the convention began.

“Now we take this fight to the floor.”

They are just giving more ammunition to our real enemy, Hillary Clinton, as they muddy the waters. If Hillary wins, we will face eight years just like the last eight only it will be worse because of the leftist foundation Obama has put in place. We will lose the Supreme Court and our Bill of Rights. That’s only the beginning. Hillary is very far-left. We won’t come back from her.

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday acknowledged presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump was “not my kind of conservative” but called for the party to rally behind the New York businessman at this week’s Republican National Convention.

Gee, with friends like this…maybe he should just shut up. It would be less offensive if he actually stood up and fought for the conservative principles he claims to represent.

Many of these neverTrumpers are paid by lobbyists.

In case you are wondering, the Sentinel is neverHillary because we love our freedoms and our constitutional Republic or what’s left of it.



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