NeverTrumpers, CNN Support Iran Terror Regime Because of Trump Derangement Syndrome


It was only last week that the MSM tried to convince people that President Trump looking to walk away from the Iran deal was uniting the Iranian people against the United States and behind the regime. Today, CNN is trying to convince the American public that the reason the people are upset is because of the sinking economy as a result of some sanctions not being lifted and more being added.

That’s not true. The fact is the Iranian regime used the money they’ve gotten from the Iran deal to build up Hezbollah, one of Obama’s favored terrorist groups. He appears to have let them build their drug and trafficking business here in the United States.

CNN is like a counter intelligence operation working in opposition to the United State’s interests.

CNN quoted an Iranian State front group – National Iranian American Council (NIAC) – to support their hypothesis:

While restrictions on financial, energy and transportation sectors were removed, hundreds of Iranian entities were not taken off the blacklists. And the United States has moved to create new sanctions over other violations, including a rocket launch this past summer.

Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, and other experts say endemic economic mismanagement and corruption have left Iranians disenchanted.

Government policies have brought about higher unemployment and inflation. And there’s a lack of sturdy international investment, Parsi added

NIAC pushed the Iran deal among other pro-Iran initiatives.

The only article CNN had this morning was one that matched the Iranian news service: Iran Protests: Government Supporters Join Counter Rallies. The photo they used was from the Tasnim News Agency as Mike Cernovich pointed out.

There were only about 2,000 in that rally and far more throughout the nation rallying against the regime and tearing down Khamenei’s posters.

The last several CNN articles are making the protests about Trump. They have a one track mind. It’s not about Trump, it’s about the corruption of the regime.

All the neverTrumpers are also out against freedom for Iranians because Trump supports it.

Sohrab Ahmari, a former WSJ writer and currently at Commentary Magazine, said these protests are real, not scattered uprisings. As he tweeted, this is a regime that uses rape and acid attacks, yet thousands are in the streets throughout the country.

There are reports that Iranians have taken over one city – Kashan.

The people hate Khamenei, a terrorist.

This next video is horrible. They shot this man dead in the streets and others have been killed.

Yesterday, in the city of Hamadan, protesters chanted: “Death to Russia, Death to Russia!”

This is from the Islamic State of Iran Crime Research Center:

Rightside Broadcasting has up-to-date information:

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6 years ago

CNN IS a counter intelligence operation working in opposition to the United State’s interests! It is not LIKE such an operation……

6 years ago

We are biased. The left and MSM are delusional.

6 years ago

This doesn’t seem like unbiased journalism.