New Advertisers Drop Laura Ingraham, She Vows to Fight the “Stalinists”


Laura Ingraham returned to her show on Fox Monday night with fighting words. She expressed her strong sentiments about fighting the “Stalinists” who want to silence the right. Immediately after, three more advertisers dropped her, bringing the total to 22. One said it was because she insulted the Hogg kid.

The Advertisers

Blue Apron said they were unaware their ad ran on Ingraham’s show Monday night and told Fox to pull the ad on Tuesday morning. Blue Apron is a lousy IPO, one of the worst.

“We were unaware that our ad would be running on The Laura Ingraham Angle last night,” the company told TheWrap in a statement. “We will no longer be advertising on the show, and will be working with our media buying partners to more closely monitor where our ads appear going forward.”

Slimfast also pulled their ads but didn’t offer a reason.

IBM dropped their ads from the show. “IBM no longer advertises on the show you referenced,” an IBM spokesman told the Wrap. No reason was given.

Media Matters Is Angry Laura Said She Will Not Be Silenced 

Usually, the reason given is Ms. Ingraham attacked the little Hogg kid. All she did was goof on him in a tweet for which she apologized.

Horrid little Hogg would not accept her apology and demanded sponsors pull their ads for her bullying tactics. Actually, he’s bullying her and Fox News.

Far-left Media Matters (MM) is continuing their campaign against Laura Ingraham and works hand-in-hand with Hogg.

They’re angry because she called them Stalinists on Monday — which they are. MM object to her “Defending the First” segment which she added to the show.

Media Matters presents themselves as a [tax-exempt] media watchdog but they are in reality an anti-Fox News and anti-Republican hate website.

Ingraham said Monday night, “expressing views that just five or ten years ago were considered mainstream can now get you fired,” and “you can get boycotted.”

“Their efforts are Stalinist,” she said.

We watched this segment and fail to see what is wrong with it unless you’re one of the Stalinists.

The Sponsors Who Have Dropped Laura Ingraham

NutrishTripAdvisorWayfairExpediaNestleJos A BankJohnson & JohnsonHuluStitch FixJenny CraigOffice DepotHonda, Liberty Mutual, Principal, Miracle-Ear, Ruby Tuesday, and AtlantisEntertainment StudiosBayer, AllstateAce HardwareSlimfastBlue Apron, and IBM have made statements about future ads not appearing on Ingraham’s show.

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