New American Seeking a Better Life Tried to Commit Mass Murder


It’s offensive to call foreign invaders ‘illegal aliens’ and they are just coming to America to work hard and seek a better life. Can’t wait for Congress to vote for amnesty next week.

One of those hard-working ‘new Americans’ poured drain cleaner into the food at a Florida restaurant in an attempt to kill a lot of people.

Margarito Padilla began serving a mere seven-year sentence Monday, according to Florida Department of Corrections records. That’s all one gets for attempted mass murder these days?

From the and the Miami Herald:

On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Tampa office filed a detainer on the 54-year-old Guadalajara, Mexico, native, meaning ICE wants to know when Padilla finishes doing his time.

Padilla’s employment at a Hibachi Express in Lakeland ended last June after franchise owner Zhong Jiang thought the Yum-Yum sauce refrigerated in a 55-gallon barrel didn’t look so yummy. He took a taste off a single-dipped finger.

“The victim’s mouth immediately began burning and he described the pain as a cutting of his tongue and mouth,”
the arrest report read.

When employees did not give him an explanation, Jiang said he was going to call the police. Padilla asked him not to which aroused more suspicion.

As it happens, there was surveillance video and Padilla can be seen pouring the Plumbers Choice Lye industrial strength drain cleaner into the Yum-Yum sauce.

How ironic.

Padilla just wants a better life.

These stories go on every day but we only hear about the teary stories.

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