New Americans Riot in Mexico, Dems Sue, Border Bill to Become Law


About 1,800 Central American migrants are waiting in an improvised shelter in Mexico to apply for fake refugee status in the United States. They are illegal aliens pretending they are eligible for asylum. Some of them rioted and will be our future Democrats. At the same time, the ACLU and the SPLC are suing the United States, and the President will sign the scam spending bill while declaring a national emergency.

The Democrats are going for it. They have every intention of replacing Americans with foreigners who will vote Democrat. The party has embraced the hard-left and they want one-party rule.


About two dozen people rioted and broke through security barriers and rioted inside the abandoned factory complex in the Piedras Negras shelter, just across from Eagle Pass, Texas. Some threw pipes, tables, chairs, and parts of a tent toward the Mexican officers.

Mexican authorities and riot police have been present since Tuesday night after a smaller riot broke out at the facility.



More than 1300 were captured in one day in the Rio Grande Valley. Thank a Democrat!

With the new border bill, there will be many more pouring into the country.


How do Democrats respond to these future Americans? They have their backs.

The Democrats — Socialists/Communists — have their minions — the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center — on the case. The two groups sued the Department of Homeland Security over the “Remain in Mexico” policy. The Democrats will not allow detention of any kind as they promote sanctuary cities and keep criminal aliens in the USA. They are codifying the ‘catch and release’ policy of Barack Obama.

Immigration advocates are suing the Department of Homeland Security and Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen — and other individuals and U.S. agencies — over the Trump administration’s newly implemented “Migrant Protection Protocols” initiative, which forces some asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while they await immigration court dates. Many refer to the initiative as the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and American Civil Liberties Union officially challenged the policy Thursday in a lawsuit dubbed Innovation Law Lab et al. v. Nielsen et al. The suit claims “Migrant Protection Protocols” violates the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Administrative Procedures Act and and various international human rights laws.

The suit represents 11 asylum seekers and six organizations impacted by the policy. The 11 asylum seekers — 10 men and one woman — are from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and from different families, said a person close to the suit.


It’s another fraudulent lawsuit using ignorant foreigners who have probably been lied to or are just the kind of people who only care about themselves.

When will normal Democrats understand what’s going on? These people want to turn America into a Communist, one party nation using foreigners who require welfare. They want hard-left Democrats to rule the country forever. They will control everything we say, do, eat and our freedoms will be lost.


The President will sign the terrible scam of a border bill Friday. In the meantime, he will declare a national emergency at the border. He will be sued immediately by Democrats.

If he doesn’t sign it, the government will shutdown and he has been warned that it will severely damage the economy.

The bill allows for amnesty.

The bill has been slammed by multiple immigration experts, who have warned that provisions in the bill are nothing more than a “bombshell amnesty” program.

It prohibits ICE from initiating removal proceedings “against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child…”

The bill gives him a meager $1.375 billion for up to 55 miles of border wall, but with strict limitations on where it can be built. The measure prohibits any wall from being built in five key wildlife areas and also limits any wall construction near five specific cities.

Hopefully, this won’t legally bind the President when he declares the emergency.

Then there’s this:


Sarah Sanders will announce where the money is coming from soon.

The extremely vile Senator Schumer made this announcement after he was told the President would sign it. He is a liar. It is an open borders bill.

It is no compromise, it’s a Democrat bill. The evil man was very nasty during this speech.



    • Obama is still working overtime…with the Fifth Column Shadow Government…Trump MUST go as he interrupted what the ‘traitors within’ have been working on for at least forty years…the TPP would have completely done the USA “in”..The rinos have only paid lip service to their constituents and they are as rabid as their democrat counterparts…

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