New Anti-Hillary-Merkel Ad Is Going Viral


Merkel and Clinton

This ad destroys Hillary and Angela and it’s going viral.


  1. So let me see if I have it straight….??
    Trump is no good because of something he said (privately but caught) 11 years ago that that has most likely been mirrored by most of the straight men in this country (possibly on earth) since the beginning of time!!!
    As far as I know ,Trump never raped anyone and didn’t cause the deaths of Americans (and lied about it). I don’t think he took money from countries that hate gays and disrespect women!!
    Trump certainly doesn’t want open borders or globalization and if I’m not mistaken I don’t think he needs the money or added power to be in the White House to turn the Country Socialist or allow Sharia law in to our legal system!!!!
    Am I missing something? Do I stay home on election day? Do I vote for Clinton? Do I support “so called” Republicans that turned their back on the nominee before the sun came up????
    I think I’ll join the “Never Hillary” gang and the Evangelicals and the Trump supporters and the “Make America Great Again” folks and support Trump!!!!!

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